Friday, September 14, 2012

We were together than we apart.

You were a gift from someone. I got you in a box and with a red ribbon on it. 1 week before i went to Dublin for the first time, I cried alone in my room because I have no you to bring and only God knows how much I love photography even though I know I have no talent in it. Mom and dad said no! when I asked them to buy me one.  Then, I got you from someone as a gift.

We traveled around Ireland together. Then, we went to Sweden. You fell on the hard snow a few times during the ski trip. That was how you scratched your body. We went to Paris, Portugal and Germany. You were in my bag all the times. Sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I made you 'capture' random people on the street that I saw from my apartment. Yeah, we had fun together. You had been my friends for 2 years. We were together more than we apart. Although you are only 12 megapixel and 3X zoom and sometimes you gave me blurred pictures (especially at night. What's you problem,man?!), I still love you. You were my little red friend. T__T

I lost your energy source, I mean your charger. Little did i know, you were one of the limited edition products. They stopped producing your friends and thus, i couldn't buy a new charger for you. My heart was so broken when I were told to buy a new camera instead of searching a new charger for you. I swear, i almost cried in the camera shop when they laughed at you . Sorry, my friend, I can't help you. 
(Dear you who bought me this camera, i'm so sorry and thanks for giving me this little red friend. It is time for us to set him free.)

So, my friend, rest in peace. I don't know if I can move on or not (since i need to have a certain amount of money to move on with your kind. You guys are expensive, for God's sake!)

goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend, you have been the one for me. T.T


I went to shop for my 'clinical attire' yesterday.

" I got 2 nice tops for 50 ringgit! Man, I love Malaysia."
"What brand? What material? Do you need to send them for dry cleaning or not?"

I keep checking the phone number, in case I sent the text to a wrong person but no, I didn't. I was expecting something like

"Ok, cool. What is tops, again?" 

Oh God, what happened to my fiance? I should stop talking about girl's stuff to him. Too much oestrogen for him.

Dude, let's talk more about football and cars. o.0

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