Saturday, October 19, 2013

Because you are my first hero

I was telling my brain,

"Ok, brain let's focus on this topic. One more topic then, you can rest. Let's just focus." 
Brain : potato, banana, walnut cake, what'd fox say, speculum examination, nasi ayam lalalalalalala

and... I ended up lying on my bed under my duvet browsing through my photo album in my phone. 

I found this picture.

My old man.
You are growing older everyday and I'm far away from you.

"Never trust anyone else more than you trust yourself. 
Never love anyone else more than you love yourself."

I will never love any men more than I love you.
I am always be your little girl and you are always be my first hero.

ok fine, en.wonderwall is my second hero. 

Now brain, let's sleep, shall we?
Brain : exam, exam, exam, exam.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's all about sacrifice.

What more important than delicious food on aidiladha is 'sacrifice'. 
How we sacrifice our desire towards dunya for akhirah.
It is a battle. It is a struggle.
I'm still struggling to fight the 'desire'.  God, it's hard.

Clonskeagh Mosque, Dublin. 

I sacrificed ketupat and rendang for never ending lectures on assisted reproductive techniques today, anyway.  Thanks la, prof. -.-'