Saturday, December 31, 2011

who am i to judge you?

"dan menfitnah itu lebih buruk dari membunuh."
 -Al-Baqarah 2:191-

being judgemental and 'fitnah' are totally 2 different things. kalau kau ada pendapat peribadi tentang sesuatu yang kau lihat, dengar atau berdasarkan pengalaman kau sendiri, that's your right to do so. like, who am i to judge you by having that kind of thought? really.because one of the main features of being a normal human is having a thought about something or people or event occurring around us. me, being a human with a normal frontal lobe, i couldn't help to be judgmental too. tak payah nak cakap orang sana sini being judgemental sebab dengan mengata orang judgemental kau pun judgemental.

like i said i don't mind mind if people want to express their own opinion because for me it's normal. tetapi meluahkan pendapat dan menuduh seseorang itu dua perkara yang berbeza. lebih-lebih lagi kalau melibatkan maruah. ye maruah. aku perempuan. ada maruah. as much as people see me as 'hati kering', 'emotionless', i'm still a woman with dignity. ingat tu.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


"it is a big step."

yes, it is.

"anything can happen in two years."

anything may as well happen in one day.

awak kena ada.

Monday, December 26, 2011

of Mr.Darcy

"are you going somewhere ah this weekend?"
"i'm going to UK, i mean to Bath.
"eh, nak mandi pun kena pergi UK?"
"i mean Bath in England.Bath!. faham?"
"ooooo. it's a place ke??"


so,yeah, backpacking to Bath,England. a city with stunning architecture. cerita macam dah basi tapi nak juga update.mampus la.

dina yang comel.

i get cranky when i'm, our first activity was actually food hunting.

aktiviti membaca peta.

youth hostel.

the room. 50 euro for 2 nights and 3 days including breakfast. not bad.

Roman Bath

Christmas Band.

pasar tani


Bath abbey.

one thing about medical students, they love bones.


Bath abbey

the backpackers

heading to The Circus and Royal Victoria Park

jalan yang gembira.

aktiviti membaca peta diteruskan.
tidur sambil jalan pun boleh.

encik chipmunk dan kacang beliau.

jatuh cinta.

it's all about Jane Austen. you may as well find Mr.Darcy here. 

waiting for the bus to Stonehenge.

Lacock Village

see the man in the red jacket, he's the best tourist guide ever! 

the first Harry Potter's home. the place where U-Know-Who killed Lily and James Potter

"it looks like a cake but it is a house. it is a cake house."

The Stonehenge

the blue stone and they are not even blue.

the last day

check out from the hostel and yeah, aktiviti membaca peta lagi!

to bristol airport

"hasil jualan getah hari ini,"kata beliau.

and that's how our weekend gateway ended.

so, our next weekend gateway >>>>>Edinburgh,Scotland. 

errr exam lagi 2 minggu.cane?

wish me luck!

p.s: harga tiket balik malaysia untuk summer tahun depan macam tak bagi orang balik je.puii!