Monday, January 28, 2013

Short and sweet.

I still remember the crazy thing we did in winter 2010 when we decided to go for a ski trip in Sweden. For those who don't know, 2010 was one of the most terrible winter in Dublin after 40 years and don't even ask about Sweden that time. It was sooooo cold and because of that I hate skiing. What we were thinking!-.-' I'm still in love with Stockholm, though. 

Anyway, this year, we decided to go to Brussels right after the exam because I only have 4 days break before starting my research and clinical rotation. We made our decision to go to Brussels during the exam week. I guess we were so much under pressure, so we just picked a random city in Europe to travel without even checking the weather there. 

"Aiyo, winter in Brussels ha?"
"Are you sure?"
"Damn, did we just pick a wrong place, again? Oh ,man!"

 And....our flight was at 6:20 a.m. 
There is nothing historical about this door. It happened to be our hotel's main door.heh. 

 They have a very big Zara store and sale too. As a Zara hardcore fan, I couldn't stop myself but thank God my love towards waffle is greater than my love to Zara. I saved my money to buy Belgian waffles, instead.

This reminds me of Paris. Oh, the people in Brussels speak French too. Bonjour!
I always have bad experience with French people. I don't know why and until now I think Paris is overrated. Sorry, Nisa.

 The whole time I walked along this street the smell of waffles and fresh-baked cookies surrounded me. So good but Syamim and Nabilah insist not to buy waffles here because they wanted to try the best waffle in Brussels. 
"I don't want to ruin my taste bud with an average waffles. I want the best waffles in town "

Grand Place Market

This is The Hotel de Ville. It's the city hall of Brussels. Such a nice place to have a wedding, no?

The building behind me is the Maison du Roi. This is where they keep hundreds of outfits for
 Manneken-pis ( my naked little friend who constantly peeing in my previous post). Based on my reading, all the dukes from other counties had to give their national costumes for Manneken-pis everytime they visit Brussels. 

Brussels is also known with their lace and tapestry ( besides that peeing kid). 

Not to mention, chocolates! I'm not a big fan of chocolates, though. So, no Godiva as souvenir.

We have to break the chocolates with the hammer and eat the broken pieces. You burn some calories before adding some more calories. That's the deal.

 First time, I saw this peeing kid, I thought it's cute. After seeing all kinds of size and colors all I could think about was, I need to pee too!
Grand Place at night.  

No trip without going to Hard Rock Cafe. 

Pillow talk.

The view from our room.

Suddenly, we found China. No panda, though.

It was -10! 

Big lunch

This is the real Manneken-Pis. There are so many legendary stories about this statue. You can just google if you want to know about this naked boy.

The first statue that is smaller than me. I'm so proud of myself. heh.

No matter how cold the weather is, he's still naked and holding his bebird. What a strong kid. -.-'

Brussels waffle with strawberries.

This was the crucial time for Syamim. She just wanted to buy one for herself, but she arranged as many frames as she could on the counter.

"I like this one but it makes me look like a 65 year old granny. I like the one with cello too but I have no connection with it. Ah, this is hard."

It was very 'hard', babe. -.-'

our last dinner. Mussels with garlic and cream.

It was a candle light dinner but it's not romantic anymore when you have weird fear towards fire.

Well,that was the last winter trip with Syamim since she's going back to Penang next month.

p.s: On call on weekend. They really don't want us to have a life, don't they?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh hello, world!

Say hello to my little naked friend, the waffle ambassador!

Just got back from a short but sweet trip in Brussels. The city of waffle and chocolate. I'm going to update more about it later as for now, I want to sleep. I hate early morning flight!