Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gift of life

Do you realize, we always have a chance to give the gift of life?
 It may not be as dramatic as giving one of your kidney to other people or catch a grenade to save someone  you love like Bruno Mars did( no,he didn't).
Maybe the gift could be an apology or trying to understand other person's situation or it could be as simple as salam or even smile.
Sometimes, it maybe painful to give but I guess it's worth it.
People said, you can keep giving but if the giving starts to feel like a burden, then you stop
In my case, I give till it hurts, then  I give some more. I need to learn how to stop.
 Bukankah hidup untuk memberi bukan hanya untuk menerima?


Have a good day,everyone! 

p.s: Islam is the best gift of life.

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