Monday, May 28, 2012

those colorful plates on belt.

it's Sunday and i can't resist Yo!Sushi's Sunday offer.  
 we ate like dragons again. 

 my favorite. dorayaki. an an..doraemonnnnn!

well, we ignored the reminder from you-know-who about packing to Germany and went out for sushi instead. after maghrib ( maghrib sekarang nak dekat pukul 10), i started to become panic. one think i hate about travelling is packing. i hate when i have to choose what to bring and not to bring.

i believe all ladies are collector. handbags collector, shoes collector, jewelleries collector. i think i am a tops collector. (shawls too. haih) i don't even realize how many tops i have until 2 hours ago. 

which one should i bring? i hate packinggg! -.-'

Sunday, May 27, 2012

exam is, what?

"i want to sleep all day long after the exam."
"i want to shop."
"i want to watch movies.".
"i want to go naked"

the last statement made the rest of us "krikrik" for a few moments. 

but after the exam all of us were like,,what? 

 kind of a ritual thing to go to Yamamori to eat after exam.

the weather was too nice to be on bed sleeping my life away. so, me and Shanaz decided to go window shopping ( window shopping for me means ; one or two tops. ok, no more tops for me)

it's quite nice to finish our exam on Saturday because Starbuck has their Happy Hour on Saturday which we can get 2 Frappucinos for one price from 3 to 5 p.m. who cares about the long queue?  the taste of mocha frappucino on summer hot day is ....err..awesome?

i told you i want to sleep after the last paper.


she's a pro in camwhoring. 

shanaz can be a good stalker paparazzi too.

very 'disappointed' with those 'not nice', 'not comfy', 'not sweet' Topshop's wedge shoes summer collection. very disappointed with the price ( ok fine, i'm disappointed with the amount of money i have in bank now). 

 as usual, favorite place, park!
 "do you know how much i love park?"
"i heard about it for millions of times. no more, ok?"


 on grass-camwhoring

and at night we decided to have sleepover at Syamim's place. 

"i want to watch 21 Jump Street. i want to see my husband in that movie."
the rest of us went " oookkkkkaayyyyyy..."

Channing Tatum is Shanaz's husband, apparently. -.-'

as usual, i fall asleep after 15 minutes. hello, it's 12 a.m. i need my 8 hours sleep. but i always refuse to sleep on bed while the girls on couch watching movies because i don't want to miss "hahaha. that's so funny!" or "oh my God, that's awesome!" or " he's sooooo hotttt!!" moments. i will be like "what?what? tell me.tell me." yes, i was that annoying girl. 

the next morning (this morning) i made breakfast. at first, it was just me, alone in the kitchen.

 then suddenly Shanaz came.
 and nabilah
 and Syamim with her baru-bangun-tidur face cleaning the pot.
look at everyone's baru-bangun-tido face.

oh, by the way, no one went naked. fuhhh.

ok,now what? packing? sushi? or sleep?

" just a reminder, we are going to German early morning tomorrow. stop shopping, or eating or sleeping. start packing now."

what a good reminder. and i hate packing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the guitar

i asked  requested 3 songs from him and the deadline is right after i finish my last paper this Saturday.

"what are you doing?"
"practicing those songs you asked me to play la..."

poor him. my not-so-stable-exam mood sometimes can be so annoying.  

"i'm hungry."
"why don't you eat?"
"nothing to eat.telur habis,kicap habis.nothing."
"go and buy some?"
"you don't understand. i don't want to waste my precious time to go out and buy eggs."
"ok.but you must eat."
"got no food."

and repeat the dialogue.well, it happens almost everyday.(it will end soon, though)  when i think about it again, why did i even bother telling him i was hungry at the first place since i knew no food left to eat. oh God. sorry for being that annoying.

"good luck for your exam."
"it's gonna be hard. i know it's gonna be hard. many people from previous batch repeat this paper. :("
"no.i know you can do it. you worked hard already. now, it's time to do your best and tawakal."
"you don't know how hard it is....bla..bla...bla...(my negative thinking)....bla...(more negative thinking)..."
"'s gonna be okay...(his positive thinking)....bla,..bla...(more positive and chill-lah thinking)..."

and repeat the dialogue. it happens almost everyday too. (it will end soon,though) -.-'

"i feel like eating nasi"
"balik malaysia kita pergi makan nasi lemak."
"i want nasi lemak sotong, nasi lemak kerang, nasi lemak ayam berempah, nasi lemak udang."
"anything you wish"  
"seriously? anything? 
"i want your guitar."

it took an hour for him to reply. and of course "anything but not the guitar". -.-'

it's the exam. don't judge me.

p.s : mom says she's gonna be the 'penyibuk'. mom, please. i'm 22 (almost). remember?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my darling songbird

feel so close with the lyrics.

i don't know how to hate Yuna.

p.s: galaxy note is awesommeeeeeeeee! no, i'm still using my cap ayam phone. -.-'

souvenir for stomach

one of the things that i love about travelling is food. i know some people would spend their money more on souvenirs but for me i rather 'buy souvenir' for my stomach.
( a HardRock Cafe t-shirt and fridge magnet for my mom are compulsory though)


seafood pasta in Faro, Portugal.

seafood pizza in Faro, Portugal
traditional food of Portugal and again, seafood. i forgot the name.

orange. yes, everyone knows this. -.-'
and this one. i don't how to tell people how much i love this dessert. it is called pasteis de belem and you can only find it at one and only cafe that famous with this dessert at Balem, Lisbon. people come from all different places in the world just to try this dessert and don't be surprise with the long queue. the people there will teach you how to eat it . yes, the waiter actually taught us how to eat it.
 " you sprinkle the cinnamon. then, sugar and say aaaaaa... put it in your mouth."
 but i ate it plain though. don't like the cinnamon and sugar.
 i keep begging one of my Irish friends to go and try this food since he's going to medical conference in Lisbon this September (which i'm supposed to go too, but come on, i'm not going to ruin my summer by going back to Dubin earlier and go to Lisbon for a medical conference when i can spend more time in Malaysia. see, i love malaysia that much. but really, what makes me register to go at the first place? -.-') 
Portugese paella. 

breakfast. see all those breads, all of them were freshly baked by that lady. her name is Olivia. her walnut cake was so good. and no, we don't eat the bacon of course. this is what we had in Porto for breakfast at our hostel .
black pasta. do you know, it is black because of squid ink? i just knew about it 30 seconds ago. 

chocolate cakes with different types of chocolates in Stockholm, Sweden.

breakfast in Stockholm.
dessert in Gothenberg. 
fruit pastry in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

swedish seafood dish in Gothernberg

giant Cinnamon roll in Paris
seafood sandwich in gay cafe Gamla Stan. heh.

and of course macaroon and pastries in Paris. i forgot to take their pictures.


mom's cooking is the best.heh

i still have another one paper left. it's on this Saturday. exam on Saturday.pftttttt..

after 4 days struggling in my 'cave' (because my room doesn't look like a room anymore. lecture notes there, lecture here and oh, lecture notes on the wall too), i managed to hang out with the girls yesterday. i was craving for Frappucino for no reason.

look at everyone's eye bags, 'amazing', right?

can't wait for German. what food they have there eh.?.emmmm..

then Malaysia!!! inshaAllah.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


so, yeah.. exam. the first paper was...haih..
6 hours in exam hall and it was not fun,man. that was not cool, prof or doctors or surgeons or microbiologist ( or whoever set our Cadiorespiratory paper this time)!

"mama, esok exam dari pukul 2 sampai 8 malam. almost 6 hours. 120 mcq and 5 essays. pray for me. T_T"

after 10 minutes, i got this,

"emmm.. 6 jam. macam drive dari KL ke Kelantan je."

yes, mom. how i wish my exam questions would be as easy as driving from KL to Kelantan. -.-'

and today, i went to exam hall with my sweat pants i.e my seluar tidur.

"aisyah, are you making a fashion statement or what?"


"you are wearing your sweat pants. come on, are you that miserable?"

and i looked at my black (not really black dah) sweat pants or seluar tidur. oh well, i forgot to change.

"i hate jeans now."

"don't worry, i know the truth."

by the way, talking about 'miserable', you know, exam week makes me do many silly things. i said 'thanks' to vending machine everytime i buy something from it. and 2 days ago, i said 'thanks' to toilet bowl. WTH, i know..

"hey, did you just say thanks to..err toilet bowl?"

to cover my not-so-cool-involuntary-talking-to-non-human habit,


"aisyah, it's a toilet bowl!"

"but it flushed my urine and faeces out."

"that's why la you should say 'sorry' instead of 'thanks'."


i guess i'm not the only one who starts to talk to mr.toilet bowl now. mr.toilet bowl, we feel you.

ok, now, cirrhosis. 

*credit to shanaz*


p.s : Malaysia, in less than one month! woohooo!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012




Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the long list

i hate exam. who loves exam? ( i know a few people who love exam. even exam hates them.)  Since i cannot go out and stuck with books and notes here, i do a lot of list-ing recently. I list what i'm gonna do in malaysia during this coming summer break, what i'm gonna eat in malaysia, places to go and all sorts of thing.

you know, it's like, "i feel so stress. let's list things." i know.. -.-'. but it works for me.

ah, really. i can't wait to finish the exam and 'potong' every single thing that i've listed. before that, i really want to have sleepover with the girls or watching movies in our favorite, large, comfy, college jumper while eating ice-cream on bed. yes, four of us on one bed. and the next thing we know, "good morning, girls!"

we are so near yet so far because everyone is busy. blame the exam!  :(

cook and eat like this.

or like this. the awesome blue jumper.

ok, now, let me list what i'm going to cook and eat during the exam week.

1. telur + kicap
2.telur masak kicap
3.kicap + telur.
4. kicap masak telur.