Tuesday, May 22, 2012

souvenir for stomach

one of the things that i love about travelling is food. i know some people would spend their money more on souvenirs but for me i rather 'buy souvenir' for my stomach.
( a HardRock Cafe t-shirt and fridge magnet for my mom are compulsory though)


seafood pasta in Faro, Portugal.

seafood pizza in Faro, Portugal
traditional food of Portugal and again, seafood. i forgot the name.

orange. yes, everyone knows this. -.-'
and this one. i don't how to tell people how much i love this dessert. it is called pasteis de belem and you can only find it at one and only cafe that famous with this dessert at Balem, Lisbon. people come from all different places in the world just to try this dessert and don't be surprise with the long queue. the people there will teach you how to eat it . yes, the waiter actually taught us how to eat it.
 " you sprinkle the cinnamon. then, sugar and say aaaaaa... put it in your mouth."
 but i ate it plain though. don't like the cinnamon and sugar.
 i keep begging one of my Irish friends to go and try this food since he's going to medical conference in Lisbon this September (which i'm supposed to go too, but come on, i'm not going to ruin my summer by going back to Dubin earlier and go to Lisbon for a medical conference when i can spend more time in Malaysia. see, i love malaysia that much. but really, what makes me register to go at the first place? -.-') 
Portugese paella. 

breakfast. see all those breads, all of them were freshly baked by that lady. her name is Olivia. her walnut cake was so good. and no, we don't eat the bacon of course. this is what we had in Porto for breakfast at our hostel .
black pasta. do you know, it is black because of squid ink? i just knew about it 30 seconds ago. 

chocolate cakes with different types of chocolates in Stockholm, Sweden.

breakfast in Stockholm.
dessert in Gothenberg. 
fruit pastry in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

swedish seafood dish in Gothernberg

giant Cinnamon roll in Paris
seafood sandwich in gay cafe Gamla Stan. heh.

and of course macaroon and pastries in Paris. i forgot to take their pictures.


mom's cooking is the best.heh

i still have another one paper left. it's on this Saturday. exam on Saturday.pftttttt..

after 4 days struggling in my 'cave' (because my room doesn't look like a room anymore. lecture notes there, lecture here and oh, lecture notes on the wall too), i managed to hang out with the girls yesterday. i was craving for Frappucino for no reason.

look at everyone's eye bags, 'amazing', right?

can't wait for German. what food they have there eh.?.emmmm..

then Malaysia!!! inshaAllah.

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