Tuesday, February 28, 2012


kelakar la bila manusia hidup terlalu 'bertujuan'. bila ada 'motif' dan 'tujuan' baru nak capai. kalau tak ada 'tujuan' dan 'motif', ditinggalkan tergapai-tergapai. pandang sipi-sipi je.

haha. kelakar la.

kelakar la bila manusia hidup terlalu 'bertujuan'. keikhlasan dan seni persahabatan macam dah tak ada.


you know what, i laughed a lot before i sleep recently. thanks to this joke. i mean 'my joke.'


Sunday, February 26, 2012

you can be the butterfly i feel in my belly

You are butter to my fly...

"balik office, ada rama-rama."

and all the little things that make me fall in love with you again and again...

baiklah.esok kelas pukul 8.bas pukul 7.fun.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

a fraud

"Miss (insert my first name), we just got a report that someone used your credit card number to buy an iPad from The Mac Shop, Dublin 2. it's a fraud and we have to block your card immediately. you are going to receive your new card this Tuesday."

a fraud? again? are you freaking kidding me, dublin? an iPad? 700 euro? come on!!!

haah memang. memang datang sini nak kumpul kad banyak-banyak. asyik kena block and replaced je.thanks la weyh!

p.s: "segala update tentang MARA Ireland, akan diumumkan di Facebook."
orang kampung macam aku mana ada FB.ini tidak adil.tidak adil bagiku.heh.

pergolakan dalaman

we always think of how we want people see us. some people want to be seen as the nicest man in the world. some people want to be seen as the most rebellious person. some people just want to be seen or heard, at least. and some people even have certain rules that cannot be broken in order to protect their image. i don't know laaa.. but for me when i stop worrying about how people see and perceive me, that the moment i think i finally start to look better. 


p.s: finally, it's weekend. but i'm in library.damn.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

eat?sleep lorr..

tidur lebih menyelerakan daripada makanan.sebab itu aku pilih tidur over food. makan dapat kenyang tapi rasa letih-gila-nak-mampus ini tak hilang. kalau tidur, rasa letih-gila-nak-mampus ini akan hilang. begitu juga dengan rasa lapar. jadi, sudah beberapa minggu aku pilih tidur over food. nampak gaya keputusan darah aku tetap mengecewakan dan en.shrink juga akan kecewa dengan definisi happiness aku

ok.nak tidur.kalau boleh cabut kepala sekejap campak kat dinding kan best.ah!

p.s: kena korek semua nota first year balik. macam dah 5 tahun tinggal first year.padahal baru tahun lepas.siot.nama ubat semua lupa.macam mana?

tapi,tidur lagi bagus rasanya.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

keep smiling like nothing happens

"setakat penat, semua kerja penat. but to keep smiling to them when we know everything about their condition and their possible end result is just too depressing. emmm...i think that's why i cry for no reasons sometimes."

thanks la,bro!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

just stay

at some point in my life, i just want people to stay without leaving  eventhough i know people come, people leave all the times.

if only people don't leave...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


"good morning."
"how are you?"
"how's your blood count?"
"i still have to take that damn iron supplement."
"how do you feel about it?"
"about iron supplement?"
"taking iron supplement."
"i hate it."
"it tastes awful.i have to pay some more.everything is getting expensive here."
"do you feel stress about it?"
"not really. sometimes, yeah. the GP asked me to put on some weight."
"what do you think about that?"
"i don't think so.i eat a lot.my appetite is good"
"really? i think you lost weight."
"how's your study?"
"good.not excellent but yeah.."
"how do you feel about it?"
"just fine?"
"do you want to tell me more about your life now?"
"i'm happy now."
"are you really happy?"
"can we be really happy in life?"
"you tell me."
"for me, all we can do is trying damn hard to be happy every single day."
"are you happy by trying hard to be happy?"
"tell me about your friends?"
"they are good."
"what do you think about them?"
"i like my friends. by the way, i don't think i should come here anymore after this.i'm doing good now,right?plus,i'm getting busier"
"how about other people?"
"people come.they change,then they leave."
"how do you feel about that?"
"people are scary. i need to go now.i bet this is our last meeting.so, thanks.have a nice day."
"do you ever trust people?"
"can you trust people now?"
"are you really happy?"
"ok.i guess, see you again?

i hate him. he asked so many questions that he never answer.

Friday, February 17, 2012



i have so many reasons to be happy and grateful.alhamdulillah.

despite of travelling for almost one hour ( i have to take 2 buses )every morning to hospital and the food in hospital is suck, i do enjoy making my lunch pack every morning (oh, those carrots for the snack during lectures.heh). Being in hospital, wearing white coat with stethoscope in my pocket, talking to real patients, doing physical examination on real patients make me feel good. i know i'll hate all those things in future but for now, let me be happy. the excitement makes me feel happy i guess.
i think i know the answer for "why medicine?" now.
i have my great friends with me all the times too.  people say, being a medical student is suck but with awesome friends around, it becomes less suck. we are together more than we are apart (since we are in hospital from 9-5,balik rumah dah lembik terus tidur.esok bangun, pergi hospital lagi and repeat the cycle). so the people i see before i sleep everyday are those people i see the next morning everyday. we study>>;we play>>we fight>>we laugh and repeat the cycle.

 *thanks syamim for holding the photos.hehehhe

"i've been craving for brownies with hot choc sauce and vanilla ice cream"
"ok,nanti kita pergi cari brownies!"

can't wait for the brownies! yes, i can be overexcited because of food.

p.s: i woke up this morning and prepare my lunch pack in a hurry and i realized the class was cancelled today. -.-'

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dublin kita

waktu mencemburui aku,
kota raya menjamah aku,
di mana perginya mimpi ku?
mungkin di jemari mu.
kita mencari jawapan di setiap persimpangan
impian yang kita simpan...

-KL kita ,yuna,qi-

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stockholm yang dirindui.

kalau diberi peluang untuk bekerja dan menetap di luar negara, aku pilih Stockholm.

kalau suatu hari aku nak larikan diri daripada semua orang, aku akan ke Stockholm.

tiba-tiba rasa nak pergi Stockholm lagi.

just for a weekend. hmmmm......

tapi...harapanlah semester ini nak buat sweet escape. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

a stubborn heart

during my first year, i was taught that increase in heart rate can be a sign of trouble. it may be due to as simple as panic disorder or a more serious problem like myocardial infarction. other than increase in heart rate, a heart can also flatters, skips a beat and cause abnormal rhythm or it doesn't beat at all. heart, a complex organ. we have no control or what so ever over our own hearts. when it feels like beating faster, we have tachycardia . when it feels like beating slower, we have bradycardia. when it feels like loving someone, we are insanely in love. eventhough our minds say "no, you can't love him! don't be selfish!" , heart insists. a heart's condition can change without warning. i can't control my heart either. i used to think i would be able to control it, but, i guess i am just a normal people with a normal heart. a stubborn heart. heh. no wonder doctors try their best to keep the heart stable, to keep it slow when it beats fast. they spend so much time to make it steady and regularly beating. because a heart can be so stubborn.


"i tried to run away. but to you, i come back and stick like a permanent glue."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

with love

"oh hello, dear. you're back! you left me for almost two weeks, you know. wow, you and your notes again.,huh?do you need my help this time? what? you will be in that hospital starting tomorrow? your life will be pretty hectic.trust me. well, i guess, you will need me to survive, woman!" said the coffee.

p.s: sometimes world can be too harsh to petite people. kat mana nak potong seluar kat dublin ni?esok dah start class. T_T clinical attire.puiii.

as long as you believe..

Pejamkan matamu untukku
Dengarlah dunia berkata-kata
Usah kau ragu di sini tempatmu
Walau berubah di mata kita tetap indah
Selagi kau masih percaya...

Friday, February 3, 2012

in 1511, they conquered us.

so, yeah Portugal! In 1511  Alfonso de Albuquerque came to Melaka and built A Famosa . we went to Portugal for 8 days because .... you know...we want to deepen our knowledge about our first  penjajah. seriously???? nayyy! we went there for a gateway. and christiano ronaldo too. hikhikhik

yes,Adriana aku tulis ini semua untuk kau.

first and second counties : Faro and Lagos.

for this trip, we decided to rent a car. andddd guess what, that was the best decision ever!

the owner  upgraded our room to a suite with a private bathroom and nicer view because we'r just that awesome. ok, tipu. owner hostel ini yang awesome. he's a Malaysian who migrated to Portugal and opened this  awesome hostel. 18 euro per night. not bad huh?

arif at the rooftop which was kinda bersambung dengan bilik kitorang (the girls). so, 18 euro for the rooftop,private bathroom,kitchen ,nice view and  wi-fi. berbaloi.
*credit to syamim*
 a fishing village.

seafood and fruits market.

sunset. aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku kena mencangkung. really.

*credit to syamim's camera* 

and the next day, we went to Lagos. it is another county in Portugal. 3 hours away by car from our hostel.

at Castelo dos Governadores, Lagos.

abang gergasi

"syamim, i feel small when i'm standing next to this thing."
"it is not because of him, it is you! you are small."


we didn't find the castle.irony.

Campa Meia. the most beautiful beach i've ever been to. i'm not exaggerating. with flowers, blue water, clear sky,birds. ahh, i don't mind to go to Portugal again just for this beach.

from syamim's camera. kualiti gambar terus berubah.oh dslr!

people wrote their names on this stone to declare their love for their partners and i just don't understand why. 

"do you really have to look up like that?babe,is that your most fashionable pose?really?" 

at Sagres,Faro.

lighthouse Sagres.

for dinner,

traditional Portugese dish, Seafood Cataplanar. 5.50 euro per person. since we rarely have fresh seafood in Dublin, so 5.50 euro for this was really worthwhile.

check out. that's mr.Jeff, the owner.

we went to the fruit market just before we headed to Lisbon
0.50 euro per kg. cheap,no?

third county : Lisbon (capital city of Portugal)
ala-ala jambatan Pulau Pinang.

check in at Go Hostel, Lisbon. another nice hostel.

Balem tower

inside the tower.

because they just love the Korean pose. 

like a boss. rasa kaya. padahal kopi tu 1 euro je.heh.

just focus to the monument behind us. monumen kapal yang jajah Melaka.

arif loves to surprise himself.

Jeronimos Monastery.

one thing i love about Europe is the dessert. luckily, the first thing we were told about Balem was this dessert, Pasteis de Balem. Everytime we asked the people at the hostel about this dessert, they said, " it's so..so..so..so.. AMAZING!" i don't know how to describe how it tasted like but like Syamim said after we ate, "life is now complete." so good!

and of course, Hard Rock Cafe for the t-shirt collection.

Palacio de Pena on the top of Sintra hill. one of the seven wonders of Portugal. 
like a king.

we were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. tak banyak beza pun dengan istana-istana eropah yang lain.

The Pena Park.

back to Lisbon city. Santa Justa Lift.
Convento do Carmo. it used to be a church but after the earthquakes in 1755, the roof and most of the upper structures damaged.

just before we left Lisbon, we went to this stadium of Lisbon Sporting Club.

fourth county: Porto

check in. the best hostel ever.ever!


makan hati Marc Jacob. pasar tani je depan boutique beliau. everything was so cheap or is it because we are from Dublin which everything is so expensive? haih..Dublin..

the trem.

this is how McD in Porto looks like.

cruise on Douro river.

sunset at one of the beaches in Porto.

Majestic Cafe.

and the next day, we returned the car and went back to Faro by train and flew back to Dublin.

the temperature in Portugal was around 17 degrees Celsius. as we touched down in Dublin, the temperature was around -2 and it was raining. and that was how Dublin welcomed us. but still.. Dublin is home.

that was it. alhamdulillah, i would say it was a perfect gateway. now, i should face the reality. starting from next week, i would be in hospital for lectures, bedside teachings and no more cadavers but real patients.

p.s: hari Ahad hari merisik. Ya Allah, permudahkan segalanya.