Saturday, February 25, 2012

pergolakan dalaman

we always think of how we want people see us. some people want to be seen as the nicest man in the world. some people want to be seen as the most rebellious person. some people just want to be seen or heard, at least. and some people even have certain rules that cannot be broken in order to protect their image. i don't know laaa.. but for me when i stop worrying about how people see and perceive me, that the moment i think i finally start to look better. 


p.s: finally, it's weekend. but i'm in library.damn.


Pisey said...

It's the inner beauty that counts. Once you appreciate yourself more, dah tak heran dah kat orang lain. Confidence level boleh melangit, in a good way (;

NA said...

exactly! :)