Friday, February 17, 2012



i have so many reasons to be happy and grateful.alhamdulillah.

despite of travelling for almost one hour ( i have to take 2 buses )every morning to hospital and the food in hospital is suck, i do enjoy making my lunch pack every morning (oh, those carrots for the snack during lectures.heh). Being in hospital, wearing white coat with stethoscope in my pocket, talking to real patients, doing physical examination on real patients make me feel good. i know i'll hate all those things in future but for now, let me be happy. the excitement makes me feel happy i guess.
i think i know the answer for "why medicine?" now.
i have my great friends with me all the times too.  people say, being a medical student is suck but with awesome friends around, it becomes less suck. we are together more than we are apart (since we are in hospital from 9-5,balik rumah dah lembik terus tidur.esok bangun, pergi hospital lagi and repeat the cycle). so the people i see before i sleep everyday are those people i see the next morning everyday. we study>>;we play>>we fight>>we laugh and repeat the cycle.

 *thanks syamim for holding the photos.hehehhe

"i've been craving for brownies with hot choc sauce and vanilla ice cream"
"ok,nanti kita pergi cari brownies!"

can't wait for the brownies! yes, i can be overexcited because of food.

p.s: i woke up this morning and prepare my lunch pack in a hurry and i realized the class was cancelled today. -.-'

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