Saturday, February 18, 2012


"good morning."
"how are you?"
"how's your blood count?"
"i still have to take that damn iron supplement."
"how do you feel about it?"
"about iron supplement?"
"taking iron supplement."
"i hate it."
"it tastes awful.i have to pay some more.everything is getting expensive here."
"do you feel stress about it?"
"not really. sometimes, yeah. the GP asked me to put on some weight."
"what do you think about that?"
"i don't think so.i eat a appetite is good"
"really? i think you lost weight."
"how's your study?"
"good.not excellent but yeah.."
"how do you feel about it?"
"just fine?"
"do you want to tell me more about your life now?"
"i'm happy now."
"are you really happy?"
"can we be really happy in life?"
"you tell me."
"for me, all we can do is trying damn hard to be happy every single day."
"are you happy by trying hard to be happy?"
"tell me about your friends?"
"they are good."
"what do you think about them?"
"i like my friends. by the way, i don't think i should come here anymore after this.i'm doing good now,right?plus,i'm getting busier"
"how about other people?"
"people come.they change,then they leave."
"how do you feel about that?"
"people are scary. i need to go now.i bet this is our last, thanks.have a nice day."
"do you ever trust people?"
"can you trust people now?"
"are you really happy?"
"ok.i guess, see you again?

i hate him. he asked so many questions that he never answer.

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