Thursday, June 25, 2015


I always have back pain problem. Since...forever. Thanks to endless hour of studying during med school.  Anyway, it is getting worse after I got back from my europe trip with my husband which i thought it must because of the travelling. We had been travelling to a few countries, we walked as much as we can, hoping on and off the trains here and there with a luggage, not getting enough rest, so I thought maybe that was the reason why my spine became really like pain in the a**. Little did I know, I'm already pregnant that time. My mom told me that no one in our family suffered from really bad morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum which is such a big relief but... there is always a 'but', my mom and my sister had to suffer really bad back pain throughout their pregnancy. It is so weird because I rarely heard any patients ( mind you I only did my obs and gynae rotation for seven weeks. So yeah, dont have too much experience ) complaining back pain as a result of their pregnancies. My mom insisted that it is must be something that runs in our family but as usual being the rebellious one I told her it is must be because we do not  drink enough milk! Honestly, I'm not sure but one thing I know I don't really like milk! I can drink milk but I won't specifically put milk in my groceries list. You can throw me all sort of veggies I can eat them raw like a rabbit. I don't mind eating veggies, in facts, I was a vegetarian once, not by my choice, though ( I had indigestion problem) but milk? I'll drink it if you put something else in it. Fruits, carrots or chocolate. Not really a big fan of milk. Yes, I know, a pregnant mother needs to drink milk for the calcium, B12 and all sorts of vitamins in it but I always give all sorts of excuses whenever my husband forced me to drink so-called-pregnancy milk or whatever you call the white liquid with weird taste ( or that is how milk should taste like). Since my back pain is getting worse and before I start loosing my teeth (since baby can suck calcium out of my teeth) I think it is time to be more serious with my milk relationship. No more excuses, Nabilah 'Aisyah!

but then, yogurt is a good source of calcium too, right?  hurmmm...maybe milk can wait.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


I love my new camera because no editing is needed. Not that all the photos will win any photography awards but I love the fact that I don't need to spend much time on my laptop to edit some of the photos. I have more than 1000 photos in the camera now from our last summer holiday. 
Looking at all these photos makes me feel more happy and grateful to experience so many things and facilitate joy in my life.

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria.

Hallstat Village, Austria.

Ramadhan kareem.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


This is my first Ramadhan with my husband.  I mean as a husband and a wife. I know that I rarely write here or even talk about my husband to anyone. Not even to my closed friends. I guess nobody actually cares but here I am, on the first Ramadhan, I want to share my gratefulness being married to the greatest guy I ever met in my life (he shared 'the greatest guy' title with my dad). This guy is the same guy who had been with me through out my ups and downs during my 5 years in medical school. He slept with his laptop on every night so that I can reach him through skype in case I have my 'mental breakdown' moment. Mind you, the different time zone. My 6pm in Dublin was his 1am in Malaysia. He never complained but just listened to all my stories. In facts, he knows how to take history from a patient now because he used to see me practising my history taking skill . Yesterday, I was complaining about my back pain. It is getting worse since I got pregnant. Then he asked, " Where is the pain, again? Does the pain radiate to anywhere else? How do you grade the pain, being 1 is the mildest pain and 10 is the worst pain?" hahaha! Wow this guy really paid attention to whatever I said. I mean, he didn't ask about the red flags of back pain but for an engineer, that was not bad. Anyway, I'm thankful for having this guy in my life. The guy who bought a house and 'build a home' for us. I love how he has being involved in every little details of our house so that I can live in my dream house. He asked me about my dream house before. I just told him, no honey, we wont afford that. Hahaha! Mashaallah, eventhough, it is not exactly like my dream house, but I feel like I"m living in it. I'm home, guys. It is true when some people say, you can buy a house but you cannot buy a home. You can buy a house as big as a palace but it is very hard to make it feel like you are home. My husband somehow managed to make our house feels like home. I'm very grateful for having a husband who does not just let me do and decide everything. He get involved from choosing curtain to what colour our dinner plates should be (I'm a woman who knows what I want but I hate when a husband lepas tangan when it comes to furniture, curtains, cutlery and everything, like hello, you are living here too and omg, you are a man, have a voice to say something not just follow your wife. Man up!).

Kitchen. It is my favourite place in our home. I get very excited to cook dinner  in our kitchen (i hope this is not just hangat-hangat tahi ayam) and this is the time when we cook together. He makes not-so-funny jokes and I laugh for courtesy and I make my funny jokes and he laughs guling2 (because my jokes always funnier than him. Seriously). We really take our own sweet bonding-dinner-cooking time. Sometime it takes 3 hours. Who cares? It is our home.

And with our little one is coming soon, I can't be more happy than this. My new chapter of life as a wife, mother and doctor (very soon and I'm not ready for this one. *cringe*). Alhamdulillah for everything.

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

What a week!

What a week! A week that I will remember for the rest of my life. It feels really good to be celebrated by the same people who had been 'torturing' you for the past 5 years. We had a conferring week here in RCSI not just one day of conferring ceremony. All the new doctors were treated like human (before housemanship) this week.Haha. If you get what I mean.

Sleeping while ootd is a trend now, guys.

Since a few people asked me, both of my dresses are from Love to Dress. I love them soooo much! And both of the shawls from Love the material and easy to wear. 

More pictures and story soon.