Thursday, June 25, 2015


I always have back pain problem. Since...forever. Thanks to endless hour of studying during med school.  Anyway, it is getting worse after I got back from my europe trip with my husband which i thought it must because of the travelling. We had been travelling to a few countries, we walked as much as we can, hoping on and off the trains here and there with a luggage, not getting enough rest, so I thought maybe that was the reason why my spine became really like pain in the a**. Little did I know, I'm already pregnant that time. My mom told me that no one in our family suffered from really bad morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum which is such a big relief but... there is always a 'but', my mom and my sister had to suffer really bad back pain throughout their pregnancy. It is so weird because I rarely heard any patients ( mind you I only did my obs and gynae rotation for seven weeks. So yeah, dont have too much experience ) complaining back pain as a result of their pregnancies. My mom insisted that it is must be something that runs in our family but as usual being the rebellious one I told her it is must be because we do not  drink enough milk! Honestly, I'm not sure but one thing I know I don't really like milk! I can drink milk but I won't specifically put milk in my groceries list. You can throw me all sort of veggies I can eat them raw like a rabbit. I don't mind eating veggies, in facts, I was a vegetarian once, not by my choice, though ( I had indigestion problem) but milk? I'll drink it if you put something else in it. Fruits, carrots or chocolate. Not really a big fan of milk. Yes, I know, a pregnant mother needs to drink milk for the calcium, B12 and all sorts of vitamins in it but I always give all sorts of excuses whenever my husband forced me to drink so-called-pregnancy milk or whatever you call the white liquid with weird taste ( or that is how milk should taste like). Since my back pain is getting worse and before I start loosing my teeth (since baby can suck calcium out of my teeth) I think it is time to be more serious with my milk relationship. No more excuses, Nabilah 'Aisyah!

but then, yogurt is a good source of calcium too, right?  hurmmm...maybe milk can wait.

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