Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mama Besar and Madam Tussauds.

Mama Besar is my mom's sister. All her other nephews and nieces used to call her Mama. just Mama. When i was 5 years old, I started to call her Mama Besar. Well, i got confused, so I call people based on their size.     -.-' (come on, I was five and as a kid I didn't know how to lie.) Since then, we call her Mama Besar.

Last two days, Mama Besar and Baba (her husband) came to my house for iftar. She asked me to show her some pictures on my laptop and then she saw this,

"oh..kakak. You can't just hug any men. It's wrong."

 She showed me the picture. She didn't know about Madam Tussauds.

"but I love him,Mama Besar. I can't help. I just want to hug him." ( i told her with my serious face)
"Subhanaallah budak nih." 
"oh, I hug these men too."

"i don't want to say anything. you are a big girl now. you should know, this is wrong!"
 She was so upset. hahaha

"tu patung laaaa, Mama Besar!"
"Are you sure?"
"yes, i'm sure because Michael Jackson died many years ago...aiyo."  

"can i put my hand like this?"

My Mama Besar.

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.

p.s: Yuna is in Berlin now!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hanifah, Atikah and Haikal. i'll try to remember these names and i hope to see you guys soon, not necessarily in RCSI. Well, Dublin is not that big pun. heh. i'm so sorry if i don't reply many of my facebook messages because i'm not on facebook all the time. But i'll try to help juniors as much as i can. oh, anyway, every year we have this one program what we call as pre-departure program . For RCSI students-gonna-be, we have our own pre-departure program and we usually do it in hotel. Inshaallah, this year we are going to have it  at Double Tree by Hilton ( we pay expensive fees to them for reasons,no?o.0)  It is good if you can join this program. It is not only for MARA or JPA sponsored- students but also for self-sponsored students. i'll update later about it and don't worry, you guys will be contacted by phone or e-mail or facebook (maybe?) by PMCSA (Malaysian society in RCSI) soon.

For those who think they can't make it, it's okay. i didn't go to any pre-departure program pun, but seriously, if you can make it, please go.

anyway, back to Hanifah, Atikah and Haikal's questions,

Q: how's RCSI?
A :They say, they are fine, thank you. ok,serious. Well, we have 3 buildings (i have no idea how to answer this why don't we start with... errr... their buildings?) one of the buildings is very old. they built it in 1784, if im not mistaken. You are going to have you lectures, anatomy practicals,examination, Starbucks(?) in the old building until you finish your junior cycles ( we have juniors, intermediate and senior cycles).  The new building is opposite to the old building and we call it 'new building'..? That's where pharmacy and physiology students will be at  most of the times. In the new building, there are also surgical skill labs where you can find all the high tech equipment to do surgery with no need to cut open patient's body. If you join the Surgical Society you can try surgical suturing and laparoscopic skill training in your very first year. ( promote society sikett...) Cool? The 3rd building is our library building and it's facing a mall. I knooowwww, right?? If you are lucky, you can check out ZARA's  or H&M's new arrivals just from the library's window while studying your life away.  0_0

this is the picture of the new building. i don't have any pictures of the building without having these people in it.sorry.

and oh, students in RCSI consist of diverse range of people from different parts of the world with different cultures,background and religions. That's why our International Night is the biggest event in our college every year.

Q : how about teaching and learning style in RCSI?
A: Oh, wow. semangat! bagus.bagus. Well, it is integrated-based learning. RCSI use variety of teaching methods throughout the program like traditional lectures, clinical-based learning, practicals as in anatomy dissection and bedside teaching. 

Q: The failure rate in RCSI is high. Is it true?
A: Okkaaayyy, almost all the juniors will ask about this. Do not think  too much about the failure rate. What matters most is how you study. Medical school is different from SPM, A-level or IB (  IB is more challenging.'s a nightmare). I think yang paling penting ialah minat dan niat. Inshaallah, you will have a good result and become an excellent doctor one day. So, screw the statistic!
this is how my wall will look like in exam weeks. sad,huh?

Q: do you enjoy your life in Dublin?
A: If you love to live in a hectic,busy and modern city with skyscrapers , you are not going to love Dublin. It is not as hectic and busy as  London or Paris or Kuala Lumpur (but for me, it's hectic enough. i am kampung girl, anyway). Well, you have to go there first and experience yourself. I don't know about other people, but i love travelling so much. So, if let's say,i'm sick of Dublin, I will spend my weekend in other city ( check for the cheap flight ticket, first!)  For now, i would say Dublin is my second home (can't believe i write this).  :)

Q: Living cost in Dublin is expensive. Is it true? 
A: Yup, definitely! Their economy is not in a good condition for now. Euro problem some more. You can just google about it. Anyway, if you really live there like how a student should live, you'r gonna be just fine. You can save on food a lot if you cook at home. Yes, please learn how to cook, guys. Seriously.

Q: How's En.Wonderwall?
A: hahaha! He's fine. He's a Malaysian who enjoys his life in Malaysia so much. Don't worry about him.

i guess i answered most of the questions here. So, I guess.. see you soon in Dublin?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

how do you know?

"how do you know he's the one?"
"siapa cakap akak tahu?
"so, you don't know?"
"trust me, no one knows. they just follow their guts. me too."

i know their love story. if i were in her place..sorry abang mie.. you're not gonna be the one. heh. but she chose him and they are happily married now and just like that i have the coolest sister-in-law ever and this little guy too.

"are you happy?"
"that was the best decision i ever made. one of the best gifts God gave me. sometimes, you have to ignore other people and seek you own happiness."
"is it okay to be happy by doing that?
"it's your life. you define your own happiness. it's good to protect people, but are they gonna protect you?"
"i don't know... i just want to be happy."
"be nice. be happy."

this is how he seeks for his own happiness. -.-'

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother.

wait, did i just write about my sis-in-law on my brother's birthday? well, sorry, bro. my bad. got no nice things to say to you. heh. :D at least you have an awesome wife. but really, happy birthday!

p.s: here i am, staring at the white dress for hours now. in my room. blank.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Every year in Ramadhan we kinda having a competition which is siapa khatam alquran paling cepat.

" of course i will win again this year."
" don't be too confident la abah."
" no one can be so rajin like me."
" it's not because we are lazy, it is because we have something that you don't have."
" what is it?"
" uterus."

Yes,i just did my uterus joke. Abah is still laughing now.i just don't get it. It's not funny anymore.

Abah,please don't laugh while doing your terawih tonight.

white roses

In bridal shop, if you say you want white, they don't really understand.

"what white?"
"i want white...err..white?"
"haih. we have Lily White, Vanilla White, Creamy White, Pure White, this white, that what,..bla....bla.."
"errr.. i just want white?"
"oh God, you really need me."

And he gave a lecture on colors and how to match between colors, which to be honest, i don't give a damn. he's a good a 'planner', though.

"so, now, flowers.."
"oh..oh i know flowers. I love flowers. i want would be nice if we can have ...bla...bla..."
"girl, stop! jeez.. i just want to know fresh flowers or fake?that's all."
"oh my God you sound so bitchy!"
"i know, right??hahahha!"


and just like that we become friends (until i fire him.heh.). let's do this, bitch!

nope. i'm not getting married . come on, i'm young. heh.

p.s: selamat menyambut Ramadhan. Selamat kembali kepada fitrah.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

dear diary

When you have to call off something that you've been planning for quiet a while, it's kinda sad. Yes, as a human we can  only plan but He will decide whether it's gonna happen or not. I know that, thank you. Come on, you just dropped the bomb,man. I'm a human, i can't help to feel sad and most of all, disappointed. And oh, mad too. (Guess what, i know how to express my anger now. i finally hit the point that my shrink talked about all this while.)  I just want to make it happens. So bad. 

After all, it's not about that one thing  It is about the whole thing, from the beginning. why don't you get it? Too many hearts to take care of and i've reached the point where i want to find my own happiness. All this while, i hold to - my happiness is not everything but seeing others happy can make me happy. No! I want my own happiness now. i have all the rights to be happy too.

after all these time...and of all the days...? From the beginning,man. It is just not fair.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

formal letter

"what is feedback in Malay?"
"maklum balas."

"how to write 'details' in bahasa?"

it started with a few words but know he's translating all my formal letters into bahasa. i wrote them in English and he will translate them into bahasa (and i just watched him. not silently, for sure. he even asked me to stop singing). -.-'

after a few minutes,

"can you play this song?"
"not now la, sayang."
"how about this song?"
"sssshhhhhhuhh! i need to be focus."
"i'm bored!"
"i'm constructing a sentence,sssshuuuh."

once he finished, i send the email without checking them first. and guess what, i saw this at the end of the formal letter,

Ustazah Siti.


sweet revenge! 

but he's my wonderwall.