Saturday, July 7, 2012

formal letter

"what is feedback in Malay?"
"maklum balas."

"how to write 'details' in bahasa?"

it started with a few words but know he's translating all my formal letters into bahasa. i wrote them in English and he will translate them into bahasa (and i just watched him. not silently, for sure. he even asked me to stop singing). -.-'

after a few minutes,

"can you play this song?"
"not now la, sayang."
"how about this song?"
"sssshhhhhhuhh! i need to be focus."
"i'm bored!"
"i'm constructing a sentence,sssshuuuh."

once he finished, i send the email without checking them first. and guess what, i saw this at the end of the formal letter,

Ustazah Siti.


sweet revenge! 

but he's my wonderwall. 

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