Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You only turn 22 once!

Like I wrote before, having a surprised birthday celebration is a ritual thing for six of us here in Dublin. I bet each one of us is kinda expecting the 'surprise', no? 0.o  Anyway, my birthday was a day before our pathology exam. Trust me, I did not expect anything. 

Early morning on that day, got this from Syamim,

"Babe!! Happy Birthday!! Someone is getting older! May all wishes come true and many more happiness come in your way."
"Thank you."
"Don't be too stressed about tomorrow. You only turn 22 once!"
"Bus in another 10 minutes. Damn! Oh, let's not celebrate today."
(I was getting ready to go to the hospital that time)


After class, I went back straight away to my warm and comfy duvet. Totally forgot about my birthday already. Suddenly I realized I didn't have any erasers for tomorrow exam.  -.-' So, I called Shanaz because she always has spares for everything. :D
"Hey, babe. Where are you?"
"My place. Why?"
Because it was so noisy and loud as if she's walking along a busy road in rain.
"Anyway, do you have any erasers? Can I borrow one?"
"Sure." while catching her breath.

A few minutes later, my housemate came back and I heard she went out again but I still on my bed studying my life away. 15 minutes later, 

"Happy Birthday!!!!"

The funny part was, they bought candles but the forgot about the lighter. They only realized that when they were about to ambush my room. I would imagine something like this happened,

"Happy Birth...wait..wait should we have something on the candles like flame or something?"

 You know, medical students, we have a lot of things in our minds. So,we tend to forget little things including a lighter. -.-'

As they afraid I might come out from my room, they were hiding under a table in my living room while discussing where to get the lighter for the candles. hahaha. So funny. Anyway, they did go out again to find a lighter just to lit up the candles for someone who apparently has a weird fear towards fire. I was so touched. Seriously.

because we think we looked cool like that. I don't know.

I was pretty hungry that time but they already had lamb beriyani before the ambush. (now you know why they forgot about the lighter. It must be because of the lamb) So, they didn't really care about the cakes  -.-'

For those who love cupcakes and live in Dublin, please try Johny Cupcakes. Very delicious cupcakes, I would say. 

The next day after the exam and lectures ( yes, we got classes after the exam. kejam), we went for a dinner.

Hungry people.

We went to this one candy store and now I know why people said, if you are sad, go to a candy store. You will be a happy kid.  or maybe it is because of the sugar rush.

can't wait for the Christmas market this year. 

Birthday presents:

From my housemate.


and...and...and... this little cute thing is waiting for me in Malaysia. and it's pink! (kantoi suka pink.)

"I bought an extra lens for it too. it comes with a mirror, in case you want to camwhore," he said.
"I know I choose the right a person."

Another wonderful birthday present I got from him this year ; a song entitled Nabilah Aisyah. It will be on the radio soon.heh. I can be very particular with song lyrics but thank God I'm in love with the composer :P

After all, the best gift for me is the presence of these wonderful people in my life who actually know me inside out and appreciate myself as I am. Thank you. 


Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm 22 today!

"Oh my God. Oh my God. They are real fire!"

what did i tell you guys about my excessive fear of fire? My arsonphobia will not simply goes away even though I'm 22 today.

I were not expecting any birthday cakes or whatsoever since we are gonna have our pathology exam tomorrow. Well, I should not underestimate my girlfriends. 

I really want to write how they surprised me just now like how they squeeze themselves under my study table  but I have my pathology paper tomorrow. Last time i check they don't give extra marks to those who celebrate their birthday a day before the exam. So yeah, I need to study now not blogging.

yes, babe, I'm gonna post all the pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We have options but they don't.

This video went viral on Facebook. Some people said some part of the video were taken from previous attack. Doesn't matter. This is Gaza now.

I don't know about other people, but being away from family, living and studying abroad with tons of tasks need to be done all alone make me want to cry everyday. Every morning when I wake up I wish I already slept for 3 months, so the time will move faster. Silly. I thought what I have to go through everyday here were tough. I thought the fear I have to overcome everyday was painful enough. I thought my 'hardship' to get to my class every single morning was.. well, hard enough. Hey, I always have another option but they don't. They don't have many options other than waking up to gunshots or bomb. They don't have many options other than looking for their father's dead bodies. They don't have many options other than Jihad.

But why did I choose to be miserable again, when I always have 'jihad' as an option?

hidup ini satu perjuangan. jangan mati sebelum berjuang. itu bukan syahid.

p.s: I cried watching that video. I learned gunshot wounds in forensic medicine a few days ago and towards the end of the video, there are a few children syahid with a few gunshot on their bodies and heads. I learned the science behind the gunshot and what impacts it can bring to human body. I just couldn't imagine the pain those small syahid children have to bear. They belong to your Jannah, Ya Allah.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


di saat manusia lain datang dan pergi, 
manusia ini ada.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

carpe diem

In a latin poem by Horace, there's a phrase that has become an aphorism. Carpe diem. Yes, abah, I know I should be studying my pathology notes now not Horace's poem. urgh. Anyway, carpe diem. It means enjoy your life. Seize the moment.

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero
Seize the day, putting little trust as possible in future.

Carpe diem? How annoying is that? I wish to 'carpe' the 'diem' so I don't have to plan my life, my career path, or even my family life. I don't have to worry about anything. Can you imagine, if we all seize  every single moment of our lives? I bet  there will be no doctors. Haha. Who would stay through med school,right? Because all of us would be too busy living our lives. Again, Carpe diem? Really? huh.

Ok, fine. At some points, we have to live a life. We don't have many options about that. I think what Horace really meant was when we wake up every morning, we have two options. To seize what life can offer or to give up.

carpe diem.

I wish I can 'carpe' my 'diem' like this again.

Monday, November 5, 2012


There are days when there are  less than 10 words coming out from my mouth. I can only be talkative whenever I'm surrounded with the people that I'm really close to. Most of the time, I don't talk just because I don't feel like talking. I always get this question from en.wonderwall,

"So, did you talk to someone today?"
"Let's see. Syamim wasn't in the class today. But I did talk to Shanaz. After class, I went back. 
So, yeah I did talk to one person today."

I used to share a room with another person in  my previous apartment. One day, my roommate invited her friends and they were talking in living room and she said,

"Sometimes, I wish the wall can talk to me."

Hahaha.I didn't blame her. I only talked whenever I need to talk to her. If she didn't initiate the conversation, then silence's gonna be our background music. I used to go Syamim's place if I feel like chatting or listening to her.

This issue becomes en.wonderwall's concern lately since there are only me and my housemate ( we have our own room) living in my current house. He is afraid I'm going to lose my ability to talk soon. -.-'

"Have you talked to anyone today? To your housemate,at least."
"uhuh." (while reading staring at my lecture notes)
"You haven't,right?"
"but I did text her just now."
"You texted her, while she's in her room next to yours?"
"Yes. So? and oh, she texted me back."
Then, I saw he made 9gag-Jackie Chan-WTF-face.

I know he just doesn't want me to be depressed or lonely or whatever I shouldn't be but the thing is, this is me. I write more than I talk. Happy this way. Talking comes naturally, silence is wisdom, no? Ok, fine. Not in my case.

But  today I talked to a few people while waiting  my turn to pee in the toilet. Heh.

Everytime my urge to shop a new handbag hits me, I'd say to myself, 
no more spaces on my handbag organizer! 
So far, it works. There are still spaces in my closet, though. emmm....o.0

p.s: Winter is here. Homesick is here too! and they are going back to Penang soon. :(

Saturday, November 3, 2012

shout out to Syamim!!

It is kind of a ritual for six of us to plan a surprised birthday celebration every year ( since it happens every year,  it is not a surprise anymore. haha) Today was Syamim's turn to be surprised. She's 21 today and in another 5 years, she is still 21. Trust me.  -.-' Age is just a number. I'm forever 21, she said. andddd when i was getting ready to give her a 'surprise' she texted me,

" This is the most depressing birthday I've ever had. Can we go out for dinner tonight?"

oh shoot! I'm a bit allergic to word 'depression'. I immediately gave her a call and yeah..booo me, I told her  about the 'surprise'. Guys, if you are reading this, yes, I did tell her about our plan that night.  The 'terkejut' face expression when she saw you guys for the first time that night was a fake one. I told her to look so surprised as if she's watching 5 ghosts wishing her happy birthday on her door. Sorry, guys. heeeeee
One thing about me and Syamim, I can't keep any secrets from her. She just knows the trick. Man, she's so good at it! Anyway, we were supposed to meet up at her place around 7.00 p.m and surprise her. I was there at 7 and no one there yet. After 15 minutes, that's it, I was freezing and called her to open the door.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!"
"yeah..yeah.. whatever. Just come in."


At 8 p.m they came to surprise Syamim.

"sorry, babe, we couldn't buy you any cakes because it's already late."

First, I told her about the surprise and now, no cake for her. Poor Syamim. If I could capture her face expression that time, I would frame it. Yes, babe I would do that because it was so epic.

We ordered pizza. Then,

"Babe, can we have hot drinks?"

Hahaha! It's her birthday but we asked her to make some hot drinks. To my surprise too, they actually managed to buy a cake and put it in her kitchen ( they didn't tell me this because they afraid I can't keep it from Syamim. Good move, guys!) . When the birthday girl went to kitchen to make us hot drinks, then..

Surprise!!!! Ok, this one was not a fake one. This was real.

Happy Birthday, Syamim!!!

p.s: This might be your last birthday with me here.T___T