Thursday, November 8, 2012

carpe diem

In a latin poem by Horace, there's a phrase that has become an aphorism. Carpe diem. Yes, abah, I know I should be studying my pathology notes now not Horace's poem. urgh. Anyway, carpe diem. It means enjoy your life. Seize the moment.

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero
Seize the day, putting little trust as possible in future.

Carpe diem? How annoying is that? I wish to 'carpe' the 'diem' so I don't have to plan my life, my career path, or even my family life. I don't have to worry about anything. Can you imagine, if we all seize  every single moment of our lives? I bet  there will be no doctors. Haha. Who would stay through med school,right? Because all of us would be too busy living our lives. Again, Carpe diem? Really? huh.

Ok, fine. At some points, we have to live a life. We don't have many options about that. I think what Horace really meant was when we wake up every morning, we have two options. To seize what life can offer or to give up.

carpe diem.

I wish I can 'carpe' my 'diem' like this again.


Anonymous said...

i love to read your blog . and i dont know why . i just love to . keep updating and wish u all the best :D

NA said...

thank you. i will. :)