Monday, November 5, 2012


There are days when there are  less than 10 words coming out from my mouth. I can only be talkative whenever I'm surrounded with the people that I'm really close to. Most of the time, I don't talk just because I don't feel like talking. I always get this question from en.wonderwall,

"So, did you talk to someone today?"
"Let's see. Syamim wasn't in the class today. But I did talk to Shanaz. After class, I went back. 
So, yeah I did talk to one person today."

I used to share a room with another person in  my previous apartment. One day, my roommate invited her friends and they were talking in living room and she said,

"Sometimes, I wish the wall can talk to me."

Hahaha.I didn't blame her. I only talked whenever I need to talk to her. If she didn't initiate the conversation, then silence's gonna be our background music. I used to go Syamim's place if I feel like chatting or listening to her.

This issue becomes en.wonderwall's concern lately since there are only me and my housemate ( we have our own room) living in my current house. He is afraid I'm going to lose my ability to talk soon. -.-'

"Have you talked to anyone today? To your housemate,at least."
"uhuh." (while reading staring at my lecture notes)
"You haven't,right?"
"but I did text her just now."
"You texted her, while she's in her room next to yours?"
"Yes. So? and oh, she texted me back."
Then, I saw he made 9gag-Jackie Chan-WTF-face.

I know he just doesn't want me to be depressed or lonely or whatever I shouldn't be but the thing is, this is me. I write more than I talk. Happy this way. Talking comes naturally, silence is wisdom, no? Ok, fine. Not in my case.

But  today I talked to a few people while waiting  my turn to pee in the toilet. Heh.

Everytime my urge to shop a new handbag hits me, I'd say to myself, 
no more spaces on my handbag organizer! 
So far, it works. There are still spaces in my closet, though. emmm....o.0

p.s: Winter is here. Homesick is here too! and they are going back to Penang soon. :(


Anonymous said...

hye . where did u get the bag organizer ? dublin or malaysia ?

NA said...

hey,i'm sorry i didn't notice your comment. I got it in dublin. so cheap. heee

Anonymous said...

it's okay :) . im looking for it in malaysia , but couldnt find . huuuu .