Saturday, March 30, 2013

The best procrastinator.

Everytime I see Nisa's number is calling, I always excited because I want to say "Bonjour!" and she will reply  in French and only God knows what it is. Last night, she called me from Malaysia (because she decided to be in Malaysia when I'm having one month holiday here. You are so mean, Nisa). This time she didn't curse in French but she was so mad at me because I went to Amsterdam alone and I'm too lazy to continue to update about it here.

"You don't have to move your ass to write about it. Just put some photos."
"You've been there before. What else do you want to see?"
"A loner in Amsterdam."


I'm dying to update about my solo trip too but I keep delaying to update about it. Then, I went to Cork to visit my senior and her cute baby. I left my camera on her dining table and all the pictures are for sure in the camera. Well, have to find a perfect time to go to Cork again this week and this week is the last week of my holiday and..and.. and.. I have slides to prepare for my research presentation. Well, they give me one month to prepare the presentation slides and I decide to do it in my last week of holiday. I'm just good in procrastination. Now, I don't know what was the purpose of writing this entry. 

Anyway, the reasons why I want to go to Cork again :

(pictures from my phone and K.Suya's facebook)


Kak Suya is a good cook. Ayam percik Kelantan ( because both of us are Kelantanese!) 

Lycheekang, pisang goreng and rojak buah for evening tea. Heaven. You have no idea how hard it is to have this kind of evening tea in Ireland.
New family and cute babies.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Excuse me while I fall for you...

My fiance said, I rarely write about him here. I said, that is because I hate PDA. Fine, here is one for him

I love you. 

excuse me, while I fall for you...


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One single lady in Netherlands. #1

I rewrite what I wrote in my journal during my solo visit to Amsterdam. Mostly, i wrote at night in my hotel room.

Day 1 :

Travel light and alone this time. I arrived at  Endhoven Airport around 4:30 p.m local time. I didn't know that it is one hour faster here. I was scheduled to take a coach to Amsterdam at 5.00 p.m ( local time). To make it short, I almost missed the coach but managed to hop on anyway. I was sitting alone in the coach since everyone else, I mean other passengers, with their partners of friends. Uneasy feeling of homesickness suddenly came. Along the 1 hour and 45 minutes journey to Amsterdam, I was holding my tears back. Being alone in Dublin is already...well, depressing and now in Amsterdam? At least Dublin is my second home, I would say but Amsterdam is just another foreign city for me. I can do this. I can do this. I need to step out from my comfort zone and be really independent and this is just a start.
Anyway, around 6:45 p.m, I finally arrived Amsterdam. The coach stopped right in front of Central Station. A stunning orange-brick-old building. This is their train station??? That was the first question that crossed to my mind when I saw it and the second question was, where is my hotel?

It is really big but I didn't take the picture of the whole building. 

The direction that they (the hotel)  gave me ; "From the Central Station, turn left and walk towards the big church and then turn left until you find us. "  I then walked towards the big church and turn left. I kept walking and the next thing I knew I was in front of a sex toy shop. It's not funny,ok!
It was getting dark and I stood right in front of a sex toy shop with a few 'stoners' around. Creepy! So, yeah the first place I visited in Amsterdam was Red Light District and it was not even in my place-to-visit list,you know!  OMG! I was so lost then I walked back to the big church and took a cab. The cab driver laughed at me because the hotel was so near and I only paid him 1 euro.heh. I told the receptionist the direction they gave me was confusing. 

"From the big church, you turned left."
"I did."
"No,no,no. When you turned left, were you facing the church or the central station?"

Fine, my fault. Luckily the hotel is sooooooooooo near to central station. 

Night view from hotel room. It is a very nice,comfy hotel. 

I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to travel alone to Amsterdam. For a single room with en suite bathroom, I only paid 99 euro for 3 nights. This is the cheapest single room that I could find in Amsterdam and the location is very strategic. 4 minutes walk to central station and it is a safe area. No worries. You won't see any stoners or sex toys shops here.heh, Night, journal. I'm going to sleep now.

I shall continue for Day 2 tomorrow morning because I'm so freaking tired now. Ye, awak, you can read it tomorrow,ok?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One day in Belfast.

Nothing much is going on with my life right now. I just finished my research last week . It was not really my research  but we were assigned to help this one consultant and a registrar to do a clinical audit. It is a part of our module this semester. Whatever. I'm not going to bore you with my boring medic-freak life. Anyway, after 6 weeks of collecting , processing and analyzing data,  they give me one month holiday. One month holiday means one month of being alone in Dublin. When Syamim and Shanaz went back to Penang for good last month, I didn't really cry.  Siap boleh pergi ke Kildare Village to shop right after I sent Syamim off.  Well, she did say " Just go shopping and feed your soul." Haha. I was not really sad that time may be due to my busy schedule. Now, I'm free, wayyyyy too free, so, all memories hit me.  The memory of me crossing the street with my pyjamas to Syamim's apartment at night. The memory of me eating at Zaika ( a halal restaurant near our library) with Shanaz at 1 a.m during our study week. The memory of our road trips in Portugal and Germany.  I'm not only crying every night but weeping to sleep. Not to mention, my dear hormone around this time. Ah, woman. After a few days of weeping and moody, en.wonderwall finally forced me to go out and he actually asked me to go shopping. 0.o Today, i went out to regain my shopping mood. Just the mood. Walking along Grafton Street with no purpose, checking the latest LV designs, staring at a Channel handbag for a few minutes ( wondering why this 'thing' is super expensive) and I ended up buying nothing. Ok,fine I grabbed one cardigan at Zara ( and a handbag.heh) because they got sale and I dah lama tak shopping. Tomorrow, we are going to have international food night and on Friday, I'm going to Amsterdam. At least, I have something to do next week,no?

Anyway, back to my post title, I went to Belfast last weekend. So, here are some pictures. 

Inside the Titanic Museum.

The model of first class room in Titanic and it was only 26 pounds per night! 
I mean, that was the rate in 1912.

 Outside the museum.

The city of Belfast itself is more or less similar to Dublin city for me. Besides, it is just 2 hours away from Dublin city. The people,are mostly Irish so, you can't hear British accent there but they do have their own accent and it is a bit different from Irish accent. Anyway, I love the Chinese buffet there. It is halal and pretty cheap compared to buffet we have in Dublin.

Now, I'm hungry.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The emptiness

I've never felt this empty.

And alone.