Saturday, March 30, 2013

The best procrastinator.

Everytime I see Nisa's number is calling, I always excited because I want to say "Bonjour!" and she will reply  in French and only God knows what it is. Last night, she called me from Malaysia (because she decided to be in Malaysia when I'm having one month holiday here. You are so mean, Nisa). This time she didn't curse in French but she was so mad at me because I went to Amsterdam alone and I'm too lazy to continue to update about it here.

"You don't have to move your ass to write about it. Just put some photos."
"You've been there before. What else do you want to see?"
"A loner in Amsterdam."


I'm dying to update about my solo trip too but I keep delaying to update about it. Then, I went to Cork to visit my senior and her cute baby. I left my camera on her dining table and all the pictures are for sure in the camera. Well, have to find a perfect time to go to Cork again this week and this week is the last week of my holiday and..and.. and.. I have slides to prepare for my research presentation. Well, they give me one month to prepare the presentation slides and I decide to do it in my last week of holiday. I'm just good in procrastination. Now, I don't know what was the purpose of writing this entry. 

Anyway, the reasons why I want to go to Cork again :

(pictures from my phone and K.Suya's facebook)


Kak Suya is a good cook. Ayam percik Kelantan ( because both of us are Kelantanese!) 

Lycheekang, pisang goreng and rojak buah for evening tea. Heaven. You have no idea how hard it is to have this kind of evening tea in Ireland.
New family and cute babies.



nisa said...

babe, tops zara eh? i think i have the same tops.hahaha

NA said...

amboii,cepat betul. iye ke zara?let me check.hahaha.lupa.

Anonymous said...

aduh.susah nak komen kat blog nabilah ni.hahaha.datang la lagi.