Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Anything for you

because you are my definition of love...

Friday, August 14, 2015


We don't need doctors anymore, guys. Why?

1. I have an uncle who refuse any modern medical treatment. He fractured his head of femur once and he went straight to 'bomoh tulang' and up until now he walks like a robot. He did not only make medical decision for himself but also for other family members. Any health issue, he will contact his 'bomoh' friend first.

2. Just got a whatssapp message about Bell's Palsy and how it is related to stroke and heart failure. Not only that, based on that text, Bell's Palsy is caused by air conditioner. First of all, when it is confirmed that the patients have Bell's Palsy, the first thing we do is to reassure them that they don't have stroke! Second, the cause is still unknown but some literatures state that it might be caused by viral infection in ears. Third, the treatment is quite simple steroid (ENT people love steroid) and based on recent research ( Edinburgh research, if I'm not mistaken), antiviral can also speed up the recovery process.

3. Have you seen the viral post on FB regarding pantang larang ketika haid and one of them is taking shower? Why? Because apparently your 'pores' on your head are widely open and it causes 'angin' to enter your brain. I cannot brain this, can you? So the wind enter your brain through the pores? What about the skull that God creates to protect your brain? Otak masuk angin. heh.

4. Milk and cow DNA in babies? heh.

We don't need doctors anymore. Nobody needs to send their daughters or sons to medical school. All you need to do is, buy them a smartphone, and ask them to  read all those viral posts on FB and whatssapp and boom they have medical degree!

I'm so disappointed. Jauh lagi perjalanan kita.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


What is it about the beach
that makes you think about your soul?
You think your soul is on the life support,
hard to breath on your own.
You think you are spinning and loss of control.
But you find it again.
What is it about you, beach?