Saturday, November 3, 2012

shout out to Syamim!!

It is kind of a ritual for six of us to plan a surprised birthday celebration every year ( since it happens every year,  it is not a surprise anymore. haha) Today was Syamim's turn to be surprised. She's 21 today and in another 5 years, she is still 21. Trust me.  -.-' Age is just a number. I'm forever 21, she said. andddd when i was getting ready to give her a 'surprise' she texted me,

" This is the most depressing birthday I've ever had. Can we go out for dinner tonight?"

oh shoot! I'm a bit allergic to word 'depression'. I immediately gave her a call and yeah..booo me, I told her  about the 'surprise'. Guys, if you are reading this, yes, I did tell her about our plan that night.  The 'terkejut' face expression when she saw you guys for the first time that night was a fake one. I told her to look so surprised as if she's watching 5 ghosts wishing her happy birthday on her door. Sorry, guys. heeeeee
One thing about me and Syamim, I can't keep any secrets from her. She just knows the trick. Man, she's so good at it! Anyway, we were supposed to meet up at her place around 7.00 p.m and surprise her. I was there at 7 and no one there yet. After 15 minutes, that's it, I was freezing and called her to open the door.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!"
"yeah..yeah.. whatever. Just come in."


At 8 p.m they came to surprise Syamim.

"sorry, babe, we couldn't buy you any cakes because it's already late."

First, I told her about the surprise and now, no cake for her. Poor Syamim. If I could capture her face expression that time, I would frame it. Yes, babe I would do that because it was so epic.

We ordered pizza. Then,

"Babe, can we have hot drinks?"

Hahaha! It's her birthday but we asked her to make some hot drinks. To my surprise too, they actually managed to buy a cake and put it in her kitchen ( they didn't tell me this because they afraid I can't keep it from Syamim. Good move, guys!) . When the birthday girl went to kitchen to make us hot drinks, then..

Surprise!!!! Ok, this one was not a fake one. This was real.

Happy Birthday, Syamim!!!

p.s: This might be your last birthday with me here.T___T


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happy birthday, syamim!! :)

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