Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You only turn 22 once!

Like I wrote before, having a surprised birthday celebration is a ritual thing for six of us here in Dublin. I bet each one of us is kinda expecting the 'surprise', no? 0.o  Anyway, my birthday was a day before our pathology exam. Trust me, I did not expect anything. 

Early morning on that day, got this from Syamim,

"Babe!! Happy Birthday!! Someone is getting older! May all wishes come true and many more happiness come in your way."
"Thank you."
"Don't be too stressed about tomorrow. You only turn 22 once!"
"Bus in another 10 minutes. Damn! Oh, let's not celebrate today."
(I was getting ready to go to the hospital that time)


After class, I went back straight away to my warm and comfy duvet. Totally forgot about my birthday already. Suddenly I realized I didn't have any erasers for tomorrow exam.  -.-' So, I called Shanaz because she always has spares for everything. :D
"Hey, babe. Where are you?"
"My place. Why?"
Because it was so noisy and loud as if she's walking along a busy road in rain.
"Anyway, do you have any erasers? Can I borrow one?"
"Sure." while catching her breath.

A few minutes later, my housemate came back and I heard she went out again but I still on my bed studying my life away. 15 minutes later, 

"Happy Birthday!!!!"

The funny part was, they bought candles but the forgot about the lighter. They only realized that when they were about to ambush my room. I would imagine something like this happened,

"Happy Birth...wait..wait should we have something on the candles like flame or something?"

 You know, medical students, we have a lot of things in our minds. So,we tend to forget little things including a lighter. -.-'

As they afraid I might come out from my room, they were hiding under a table in my living room while discussing where to get the lighter for the candles. hahaha. So funny. Anyway, they did go out again to find a lighter just to lit up the candles for someone who apparently has a weird fear towards fire. I was so touched. Seriously.

because we think we looked cool like that. I don't know.

I was pretty hungry that time but they already had lamb beriyani before the ambush. (now you know why they forgot about the lighter. It must be because of the lamb) So, they didn't really care about the cakes  -.-'

For those who love cupcakes and live in Dublin, please try Johny Cupcakes. Very delicious cupcakes, I would say. 

The next day after the exam and lectures ( yes, we got classes after the exam. kejam), we went for a dinner.

Hungry people.

We went to this one candy store and now I know why people said, if you are sad, go to a candy store. You will be a happy kid.  or maybe it is because of the sugar rush.

can't wait for the Christmas market this year. 

Birthday presents:

From my housemate.


and...and...and... this little cute thing is waiting for me in Malaysia. and it's pink! (kantoi suka pink.)

"I bought an extra lens for it too. it comes with a mirror, in case you want to camwhore," he said.
"I know I choose the right a person."

Another wonderful birthday present I got from him this year ; a song entitled Nabilah Aisyah. It will be on the radio soon.heh. I can be very particular with song lyrics but thank God I'm in love with the composer :P

After all, the best gift for me is the presence of these wonderful people in my life who actually know me inside out and appreciate myself as I am. Thank you. 


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