Saturday, December 1, 2012


At 4 a.m this morning I woke up to  my whatsapp's ringing tone. It's so funny how my brain response to certain things, recently. I can sleep so well when my alarm ringing but I will easily wake up to my phone's vibration. Anyway, that's not my point writing this entry. So, yeah it was 4 a.m. I slept too early the night before and of course so many things that need to be done in my to-do-list were not done. 
Things like: 
  • changing bed sheet and duvet cover, 
  • vacuum bilik, 
  • susun nota,
  •  lipat baju, 
  • study Prof. M's lectures ( because I haven't touched his lecture notes yet) 
  • edit group project.

I told myself if I can complete all these things before 8, I'll reward myself by err... shopping (look, I haven't shop since September. I need to update my wardrobe too. So, don't judge me).

I managed to do all the tasks before 8 except Prof M's lectures. Dude, you make it hard on purpose or what?  -.-'

I went out anyway. Luckily, Christmas sales were everywhere. Love it! 

This man has such a lovely voice. @_@

 Christmas carol. 

Hasil buruan. 

As usual, my fashion police and his guitar.

"Do you need to send them for dry cleaning soon?"

His first question before his other hundreds questions. I don't know why he is so obsessed with dry cleaning. I think because he can see his future now. Dry cleaning bills. haha.

p.s: just read Dr. Harlina's blog and she said, as a medical student, live your life to the fullest but you must know your responsibilities and limitations.  "I’m not the brightest.. or the most genius.. But my girlfriends and I.. we had fun!"  so,yeah..

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nice pictures, sis.