Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Day 5 : Look up

I literally looked up in this picture. This picture was taken by Syamim in Portugal last winter.
 It was an amazing winter trip. Oh~ I miss traveling so much! I miss staying in nice hotels, trying local food, and exploring new places.T__T

 My blog was 'infected' by some kind of internet 'virus' last night. I didn't notice it until I got a few private messages on facebook asking about my blog. When it comes to computer thingy with virus,malware and so on, I'm the dumbest. I just don't speak computer language. In medicine, if you have mild viral infection, it is usually self-limiting ( I'm not talking about HIV!). Apparently, it doesn't work that way in computer. Now, I have an anti-viral agent all the way from Malaysia. Terbaik punya! See, bimbo gila. Tak reti-reti nak buat sendiri. puii!

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