Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Day 4 : Black and White

My attires to the hospital today. Black and white!
White and black polka dots tops, white shawls, black pants and black handbag. Black and white!

I don't know about other girls ( guys also can laa), but I always have what-to-wear problem. Every single morning. -.-' I love my first year here because I didn't have to think what to wear before I went to class. Jeans, a t-shirt, shawl, sneakers and I'm good to go. Now, since I spend half of my day in the hospital, I can't no longer wear jeans or sneakers. They said, professionalism. Yeah, whatever, right?  Only 'skema' looking attires are allowed. On the second thought, I love loose tops because it looks good on me more sopan and professional. I even wear tops or those 'skema' looking blouse with jeans whenever I go out with friends here and in Malaysia ( yes, I do have life other than my hospital's life). 

Farewell dinner is coming soon. Oh, it's this Friday actually, and I have that what-to-wear problem now.
Dress, but what colour? Heels, but what kind of heels? Which shawls? How about clutch bag?



Hani said...

Where do you always buy your blouses?

NA said...

sorry i didn't notice your comment before. I bought them from different stores. zara,primark, h&m , online.