Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We have options but they don't.

This video went viral on Facebook. Some people said some part of the video were taken from previous attack. Doesn't matter. This is Gaza now.

I don't know about other people, but being away from family, living and studying abroad with tons of tasks need to be done all alone make me want to cry everyday. Every morning when I wake up I wish I already slept for 3 months, so the time will move faster. Silly. I thought what I have to go through everyday here were tough. I thought the fear I have to overcome everyday was painful enough. I thought my 'hardship' to get to my class every single morning was.. well, hard enough. Hey, I always have another option but they don't. They don't have many options other than waking up to gunshots or bomb. They don't have many options other than looking for their father's dead bodies. They don't have many options other than Jihad.

But why did I choose to be miserable again, when I always have 'jihad' as an option?

hidup ini satu perjuangan. jangan mati sebelum berjuang. itu bukan syahid.

p.s: I cried watching that video. I learned gunshot wounds in forensic medicine a few days ago and towards the end of the video, there are a few children syahid with a few gunshot on their bodies and heads. I learned the science behind the gunshot and what impacts it can bring to human body. I just couldn't imagine the pain those small syahid children have to bear. They belong to your Jannah, Ya Allah.


Anonymous said...

i know you have a strong heart, dear.

p.s: keep praying for Gaza. no one deserves that.:(

NA said...