Thursday, July 19, 2012

dear diary

When you have to call off something that you've been planning for quiet a while, it's kinda sad. Yes, as a human we can  only plan but He will decide whether it's gonna happen or not. I know that, thank you. Come on, you just dropped the bomb,man. I'm a human, i can't help to feel sad and most of all, disappointed. And oh, mad too. (Guess what, i know how to express my anger now. i finally hit the point that my shrink talked about all this while.)  I just want to make it happens. So bad. 

After all, it's not about that one thing  It is about the whole thing, from the beginning. why don't you get it? Too many hearts to take care of and i've reached the point where i want to find my own happiness. All this while, i hold to - my happiness is not everything but seeing others happy can make me happy. No! I want my own happiness now. i have all the rights to be happy too.

after all these time...and of all the days...? From the beginning,man. It is just not fair.

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