Saturday, July 21, 2012

how do you know?

"how do you know he's the one?"
"siapa cakap akak tahu?
"so, you don't know?"
"trust me, no one knows. they just follow their guts. me too."

i know their love story. if i were in her place..sorry abang mie.. you're not gonna be the one. heh. but she chose him and they are happily married now and just like that i have the coolest sister-in-law ever and this little guy too.

"are you happy?"
"that was the best decision i ever made. one of the best gifts God gave me. sometimes, you have to ignore other people and seek you own happiness."
"is it okay to be happy by doing that?
"it's your life. you define your own happiness. it's good to protect people, but are they gonna protect you?"
"i don't know... i just want to be happy."
"be nice. be happy."

this is how he seeks for his own happiness. -.-'

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother.

wait, did i just write about my sis-in-law on my brother's birthday? well, sorry, bro. my bad. got no nice things to say to you. heh. :D at least you have an awesome wife. but really, happy birthday!

p.s: here i am, staring at the white dress for hours now. in my room. blank.

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Anonymous said...

slm.. nk kawen doh ko nabilah..? ;)