Friday, July 20, 2012

white roses

In bridal shop, if you say you want white, they don't really understand.

"what white?"
"i want white...err..white?"
"haih. we have Lily White, Vanilla White, Creamy White, Pure White, this white, that what,..bla....bla.."
"errr.. i just want white?"
"oh God, you really need me."

And he gave a lecture on colors and how to match between colors, which to be honest, i don't give a damn. he's a good a 'planner', though.

"so, now, flowers.."
"oh..oh i know flowers. I love flowers. i want would be nice if we can have ...bla...bla..."
"girl, stop! jeez.. i just want to know fresh flowers or fake?that's all."
"oh my God you sound so bitchy!"
"i know, right??hahahha!"


and just like that we become friends (until i fire him.heh.). let's do this, bitch!

nope. i'm not getting married . come on, i'm young. heh.

p.s: selamat menyambut Ramadhan. Selamat kembali kepada fitrah.

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