Saturday, February 11, 2012

a stubborn heart

during my first year, i was taught that increase in heart rate can be a sign of trouble. it may be due to as simple as panic disorder or a more serious problem like myocardial infarction. other than increase in heart rate, a heart can also flatters, skips a beat and cause abnormal rhythm or it doesn't beat at all. heart, a complex organ. we have no control or what so ever over our own hearts. when it feels like beating faster, we have tachycardia . when it feels like beating slower, we have bradycardia. when it feels like loving someone, we are insanely in love. eventhough our minds say "no, you can't love him! don't be selfish!" , heart insists. a heart's condition can change without warning. i can't control my heart either. i used to think i would be able to control it, but, i guess i am just a normal people with a normal heart. a stubborn heart. heh. no wonder doctors try their best to keep the heart stable, to keep it slow when it beats fast. they spend so much time to make it steady and regularly beating. because a heart can be so stubborn.


"i tried to run away. but to you, i come back and stick like a permanent glue."

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