Sunday, May 27, 2012

exam is, what?

"i want to sleep all day long after the exam."
"i want to shop."
"i want to watch movies.".
"i want to go naked"

the last statement made the rest of us "krikrik" for a few moments. 

but after the exam all of us were like,,what? 

 kind of a ritual thing to go to Yamamori to eat after exam.

the weather was too nice to be on bed sleeping my life away. so, me and Shanaz decided to go window shopping ( window shopping for me means ; one or two tops. ok, no more tops for me)

it's quite nice to finish our exam on Saturday because Starbuck has their Happy Hour on Saturday which we can get 2 Frappucinos for one price from 3 to 5 p.m. who cares about the long queue?  the taste of mocha frappucino on summer hot day is ....err..awesome?

i told you i want to sleep after the last paper.


she's a pro in camwhoring. 

shanaz can be a good stalker paparazzi too.

very 'disappointed' with those 'not nice', 'not comfy', 'not sweet' Topshop's wedge shoes summer collection. very disappointed with the price ( ok fine, i'm disappointed with the amount of money i have in bank now). 

 as usual, favorite place, park!
 "do you know how much i love park?"
"i heard about it for millions of times. no more, ok?"


 on grass-camwhoring

and at night we decided to have sleepover at Syamim's place. 

"i want to watch 21 Jump Street. i want to see my husband in that movie."
the rest of us went " oookkkkkaayyyyyy..."

Channing Tatum is Shanaz's husband, apparently. -.-'

as usual, i fall asleep after 15 minutes. hello, it's 12 a.m. i need my 8 hours sleep. but i always refuse to sleep on bed while the girls on couch watching movies because i don't want to miss "hahaha. that's so funny!" or "oh my God, that's awesome!" or " he's sooooo hotttt!!" moments. i will be like "what?what? tell me.tell me." yes, i was that annoying girl. 

the next morning (this morning) i made breakfast. at first, it was just me, alone in the kitchen.

 then suddenly Shanaz came.
 and nabilah
 and Syamim with her baru-bangun-tidur face cleaning the pot.
look at everyone's baru-bangun-tido face.

oh, by the way, no one went naked. fuhhh.

ok,now what? packing? sushi? or sleep?

" just a reminder, we are going to German early morning tomorrow. stop shopping, or eating or sleeping. start packing now."

what a good reminder. and i hate packing.


Anonymous said...

do you realize that your eyes are big?ridiculously big?? o_o


NA said...

better than sepet,no?