Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the long list

i hate exam. who loves exam? ( i know a few people who love exam. even exam hates them.)  Since i cannot go out and stuck with books and notes here, i do a lot of list-ing recently. I list what i'm gonna do in malaysia during this coming summer break, what i'm gonna eat in malaysia, places to go and all sorts of thing.

you know, it's like, "i feel so stress. let's list things." i know.. -.-'. but it works for me.

ah, really. i can't wait to finish the exam and 'potong' every single thing that i've listed. before that, i really want to have sleepover with the girls or watching movies in our favorite, large, comfy, college jumper while eating ice-cream on bed. yes, four of us on one bed. and the next thing we know, "good morning, girls!"

we are so near yet so far because everyone is busy. blame the exam!  :(

cook and eat like this.

or like this. the awesome blue jumper.

ok, now, let me list what i'm going to cook and eat during the exam week.

1. telur + kicap
2.telur masak kicap
3.kicap + telur.
4. kicap masak telur.


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