Wednesday, May 16, 2012


so, yeah.. exam. the first paper was...haih..
6 hours in exam hall and it was not fun,man. that was not cool, prof or doctors or surgeons or microbiologist ( or whoever set our Cadiorespiratory paper this time)!

"mama, esok exam dari pukul 2 sampai 8 malam. almost 6 hours. 120 mcq and 5 essays. pray for me. T_T"

after 10 minutes, i got this,

"emmm.. 6 jam. macam drive dari KL ke Kelantan je."

yes, mom. how i wish my exam questions would be as easy as driving from KL to Kelantan. -.-'

and today, i went to exam hall with my sweat pants i.e my seluar tidur.

"aisyah, are you making a fashion statement or what?"


"you are wearing your sweat pants. come on, are you that miserable?"

and i looked at my black (not really black dah) sweat pants or seluar tidur. oh well, i forgot to change.

"i hate jeans now."

"don't worry, i know the truth."

by the way, talking about 'miserable', you know, exam week makes me do many silly things. i said 'thanks' to vending machine everytime i buy something from it. and 2 days ago, i said 'thanks' to toilet bowl. WTH, i know..

"hey, did you just say thanks to..err toilet bowl?"

to cover my not-so-cool-involuntary-talking-to-non-human habit,


"aisyah, it's a toilet bowl!"

"but it flushed my urine and faeces out."

"that's why la you should say 'sorry' instead of 'thanks'."


i guess i'm not the only one who starts to talk to mr.toilet bowl now. mr.toilet bowl, we feel you.

ok, now, cirrhosis. 

*credit to shanaz*


p.s : Malaysia, in less than one month! woohooo!

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