Thursday, May 24, 2012

the guitar

i asked  requested 3 songs from him and the deadline is right after i finish my last paper this Saturday.

"what are you doing?"
"practicing those songs you asked me to play la..."

poor him. my not-so-stable-exam mood sometimes can be so annoying.  

"i'm hungry."
"why don't you eat?"
"nothing to eat.telur habis,kicap habis.nothing."
"go and buy some?"
"you don't understand. i don't want to waste my precious time to go out and buy eggs."
"ok.but you must eat."
"got no food."

and repeat the dialogue.well, it happens almost everyday.(it will end soon, though)  when i think about it again, why did i even bother telling him i was hungry at the first place since i knew no food left to eat. oh God. sorry for being that annoying.

"good luck for your exam."
"it's gonna be hard. i know it's gonna be hard. many people from previous batch repeat this paper. :("
"no.i know you can do it. you worked hard already. now, it's time to do your best and tawakal."
"you don't know how hard it is....bla..bla...bla...(my negative thinking)....bla...(more negative thinking)..."
"'s gonna be okay...(his positive thinking)....bla,..bla...(more positive and chill-lah thinking)..."

and repeat the dialogue. it happens almost everyday too. (it will end soon,though) -.-'

"i feel like eating nasi"
"balik malaysia kita pergi makan nasi lemak."
"i want nasi lemak sotong, nasi lemak kerang, nasi lemak ayam berempah, nasi lemak udang."
"anything you wish"  
"seriously? anything? 
"i want your guitar."

it took an hour for him to reply. and of course "anything but not the guitar". -.-'

it's the exam. don't judge me.

p.s : mom says she's gonna be the 'penyibuk'. mom, please. i'm 22 (almost). remember?

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