Monday, May 28, 2012

those colorful plates on belt.

it's Sunday and i can't resist Yo!Sushi's Sunday offer.  
 we ate like dragons again. 

 my favorite. dorayaki. an an..doraemonnnnn!

well, we ignored the reminder from you-know-who about packing to Germany and went out for sushi instead. after maghrib ( maghrib sekarang nak dekat pukul 10), i started to become panic. one think i hate about travelling is packing. i hate when i have to choose what to bring and not to bring.

i believe all ladies are collector. handbags collector, shoes collector, jewelleries collector. i think i am a tops collector. (shawls too. haih) i don't even realize how many tops i have until 2 hours ago. 

which one should i bring? i hate packinggg! -.-'

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