Sunday, April 29, 2012

just another Sunday

exam in another 2 weeks. my mom said, "why ah it's always 2 weeks? i asked you last 2 weeks, you also said another 2 weeks. by right you are sitting for your exam now. i guess when i ask you again next week you are gonna say 'another 2 weeks' again.haih."  hahahah, opsss! but really, exam in another 2 weeks. 
after my family tortured me by skyping while they were eating nasi kerabu and daging bakar and ikan celup tepung and telur masin  dengan penuh kegembiraan dan gelak ketawa. ( while i was in my duvet waiting for subuh at 4:30 a.m. perut kosong some more), i did my routine before studying i.e check my color pencils. yes, Luna,Staedtler  Color Pencils because i hate using colorful pens to write my own notes. and i lost my purple color pencils.

"i lost my purple colored pencils. :'( "
"oh no! that's a 'huge' problem, aisyah. how are you supposed to color your Barney the purple dinosaur after this?"


it's your hormone talking now. not you. i understand.

see! no purple. i cannot do my work now.

since they had nasi kerabu, i had this for my lunch;

Bruschetta  for starter
 ineedanewcamera 1
 ineedanewcamera 2.
say, uuuuuu

i managed to finish the pasta because of its small portion . yeay! clever ah this uncle. he made 'lunch offer - 2 meals for 9.90 euro'. tapi ciput gila.


en.wonderwall claims my drawing skills is worse than my niece since i always write the clues instead of drawing in DrawSome. ( because i see 'draw' as 'write' ). so, today i showed him my real drawing skill. i tried to draw his face.

 this is him

this is what i call 'my art'. 
i drew this on whatsapp's doodle thingy. ( yes, whatsapp can doodle). 

close enough.

but i think i should draw smaller eyes though. kahkahkah.
( i'm pretty sure he won't play his guitar for me again after reading this)

back to reality,

ok, now, where is my green colored pencil ?


aku said...

asal semua shawl ko lawa dan kau makan tempat yang kau tak pernah bawak aku pun masa aku datang dublin?

good luck exam!

oh no, u lost the green one, how r u supposed to color barney's sister after this? i heard there are a lot of her pictures in your Mari Mewarna book.

NA said...

Cesss.btw,barney got sister????0.o