Saturday, April 21, 2012

i heart Friday night

everyone was so kiasu preparing for the mock exam last week which turned out to be a 'troll'? so, mr.exam. you are so 'funny'. i swear to God, you are so 'funny'.uh. anyway, thanks for making us study.

to make our friday night more 'meaningful', we went out for dinner and movie. Mitsuba is another Japanese restaurant in Dublin that has awesome seafood ramen. it's SPICY seafood ramen. they don't lie when the say spicy because it's really spicy. chili spicy not wasabi spicy. so, Yamamori, i love you for your sushi now. not because of your seafood ramen anymore. and Yo! Sushi, keep your 20 euro deal because that's the only reason why i adore you. and now i realize, i love Japanese food. but nothing can beat my mom's nasi kerabu. o.0

"do you know, what we learned in our text books from standard 1 to form 5 are all lies?"


"so, arif you mean photosynthesis, solar system and all sorts of things, are not real in our text books?"

"ok, look how we learn our cardiovascular system works now and compare with the one we learned in form 5."

"dude, that's what we call tertiary education!"

a few minutes after that,

" unagi is a sea creature."
"but it can live in river as well or even sawah padi."
"sawah padi comes from sea."

syamim and i were like, "NO!! ok, that's what we call a lie, arif. no wonder you said our textbooks are all lies. grow up, not everything comes from the sea."

"how about this table, where does it comes from?"

and again me and syamim were like "NO! it comes from trees."

"but trees come from soil?"

and i started to make 9gag- Jackie-Chan meme's-face-expression- WTF.

then Ash menyampuk, "Allah creates trees,soils and sea."

everyone was speechless and continue to eat silently. 


textbooks-all-lies discussion

 arif was trying so hard to look cute with the unagi roll but sorry,dude.
my extra spicy seafood ramen

i don't know how our friendship works like this but it works. -.-'

controversial unagi. 

everything-is-from-sea guy.

then another funny question later that night, after watching Battleship ( what i can learn from the movie is, aliens do have beard )

"see, they only show how navy,army, engineers, scientist save the world. where are the doctors?"
"the doctors are just too busy treating diabetic and hypertensive patients in hospital. anddd...we don't do aliens!"


my friends.


"i understand you hate make up, but woman, you need new tops. go shopping!"

why me no urge to shop?

 Tops kat zara tengah sale.

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