Wednesday, April 11, 2012

dinding tanya saya

i whatssapped ( sejak bila entah this app becomes a verb) en.wonderwall,

" i just installed Draw Something."
"no one wants to play with me. :("
"let's play."

after a while,

"tak dapat pun."
"ada la. i draw to (insert his fb name). unless you changed your fb name to something else."
"haah. i changed."
"i changed to ' (insert my name)'s lover'. ;p "

and the next thing i knew, someone who was sitting next to me said,

"did you just smile to your phone?"
"no, i didn't."
"yes, you did. you smiled to your freaking phone. oh my god, you'r blushing too."

and he was just a random guy in the library who happened to sit next to me in the library yesterday. gosh! mind your own business, will you? 


i love this picture . it makes me feel like i'm not in Dublin, somehow. with ayam bakar and kain pelikat and semak-samun . i know, i'm such a kampung girl. thank you guys!

ok,now back to reality. and iron tablets. T__T

p.s: kakak rindu mama. :'( can we just forget about that? i don't know what to do... and i need you. 

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