Sunday, April 15, 2012

it's about time

my mom said, "now you are 22 ( ehemm not yet), it's about time to get serious."  my dad said, "start planning your future seriously." so, when both my parents use word 'serious' at the same time, i guess this is really errr...serious? o.0

i skyped (it should be a verb) my sister in law 2 days ago ;

"babe, i need to plan my future seriously."
"how serious is your seriousness?"
"it's freaking serious."
"ok, it sounds serious."
"i told you it is serious."

and...we keep talking about how serious is my seriousness like that without talking about my future plan pun.


and this little fella came. his face looked more serious than us.

anddd it's getting more and more 'serious'. he cried because we were too 'serious'.


"i have a plan for my future"
"i don't want to work after i graduate. stay at home and cook.
"yes,we have to be serious now."

next morning. on Saturday.

"where are you?"
"but it's saturday!"
"kena buat duit sebab my future wife tak nak kerja."

ok. ini serius yang kita mahu.

nayy, it lasts just for a while. -.-'


"list barang yang dia nak, tema warna  awak dan dia!"

'tema warna'. hahaha.mama..mama..

and now i realize THIS IS SERIOUS!

ok now back  to less serious matter i.e study. Gosh, this is more serious! and depressing.


Anonymous said...


Aisyah,yg psl pg td tu tak kelakar langsung.

NA said...

tak nak! yg pagi tu kes terpencil.sebelum ni ok je. o.0