Tuesday, April 24, 2012

whiny baby

do you know what is more frustrating than knowing Ben and Jerry Ice cream contains alcohol (and now you don't know what to eat on Friday night in your favorite jumper on you bed)?

having short attention span.

i know..right?
but i cried the whole night (day) just because i could not focus and it hurt whenever i pushed myself to focus. it is not something that you can't focus because you want to play video games or watch Walking Dead or  Big Bang Theory or you want to eat ice cream. no! it worse than that. whenever i try to focus on one thing, my vision will blur and i'll have this massive headache. i thought it's just the caffeine withdrawal symptom since my GP asked me to stop taking coffee, but it turns out to be one of the side effects of the medication that i'm taking now. T_T

"i think i want to stop taking those meds la.. what do you think?"
"sure, if you wanna die."

-.-'  not helping at all.

it hurts to just sit in the bus for 2 hours every day. it hurts to sit and focus in lecture hall every freaking day. it hurts to stare at my laptop writing this entry. let me be a whiny patient just for today. let me be. T_T

because tomorrow i'll throw all those tablets. sorry, doc. ( i understand if one day my patient will do the same thing. karma is a bitch)


my Sunday

my favorite place to study and i can't believe i ordered hot chocolate at Costa. no more hazelnut mocha or vanilla latte. 

still, i couldn't focus.

at nabilah's place for pathology discussion

  Germany trip discussion and i couldn't stop eating 

"Germany doesn't have speed limit?" semua orang ternganga depan laptop.
by the way, is it true?

i should keep myself away from other people because i'm getting crankier and annoying. so people, take care of you blood and take adequate iron. 

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sha said...

love your shawl. ;)

stay strong,nabilah!