Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh hello, world!

Say hello to my little naked friend, the waffle ambassador!

Just got back from a short but sweet trip in Brussels. The city of waffle and chocolate. I'm going to update more about it later as for now, I want to sleep. I hate early morning flight! 


Anonymous said... mesti update mase aku tgh!

nisa said...

OMG you went to Brussels. I just don't like the people there. it reminds me of people in Paris. so rude. i hope you have a pleasant experience, though. x)

NA said...
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NA said...

Babe, tak payah nak anonymous sangat laa..hahha

Nisa, OMG, we had the same experience with the people there. some of them, i mean. overall, it is a nice city to go just for two days. i dunno la how you survive in Paris all this while. -.-'

Robert Yohanes said...

your so cute