Friday, January 18, 2013

Girls talk

How time flies so fast. I still remember when I used to talk about silly things with my friends like boys,  movies, books and how many topic have you studied for upcoming exam (skema gila kan?) Now, many of my friends are working and getting married or even got married. ( except those who's taking medicine because it takes forever to finish this course. heh). We have our whattsapp group and everyone else is sharing about their married life, this girl got pregnant, this girl got twin babies, wedding invitations and yada..yada..yada.. and I'm the only one who came out with study things and they replied

"I have exams next week. It would be nice if all my pretty friend here pray for me."
"You know, Athirah is getting married next month?"

< me >"aaaaa stressnyaaa study. Orang Malaysia buat apa tuh?" 
< friend 1 >"We have to go to work to earn money."<<< friend 1
< friend 2> "I don't know what to cook tonight, my husband oncall lagi.weee"
< friend 3> *send image of her baby*


2014 is freaking next year.


Just a random picture I took in when I was in Sweden. 


Anonymous said...

nasib baik tak screen capture,kalau tak kantoi sape yang seronok sangat husband dia oncall.hahah

NA said...

phone i takleh capture screen.cap ayam je.husband dia baca kot blog i.aiyokk.hahhaa

nisa said...

2014 nanti aku dah takde geng