Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stonehenge and abah

when i was in standard 3, i read one of Abah's books entitled "Astronomy and Stonehenge". (i forgot who the writer was) and i asked abah  "kenapa orang zaman dulu susun batu-batu ni tengah-tengah padang macam ni?" and abah said the builders of Stonehenge are somehow a mystery, so their reasons to build this monument are outside our knowledge. as a 9 years old girl, i did not really understand what abah said about it.

"can we go there,abah?"
"it's in England la kakak."
"but it looks like one of those fields we have here."
"tempat tu jauuuhhh.kena naik kapal terbang yang besar tu berbelas-belas jam baru sampai. belajar sungguh-sungguh,dengar cakap,jangan nakal, nanti besar boleh la pergi sendiri."

when i saw Stonehenge 3 days ago, the first person came to my mind was abah. i texted abah,

"i'm standing right in front of the Stonehenge now."

"ambil la gambar.sama tak dengan gambar dalam buku abah?abah boleh tngok dalam buku je."

"you know what, nanti abah datang kakak grad, i don't mind to come here again with you.nanti kita tengok sama-sama."

this kid asked her dad the same question that i used to ask abah but with her thick British accent.heh.

mula-mula nak fly dulu.profile picture beliau di facebook selama 6 bulan.hehehe

p.s; "rambut abah dah tak ada hitam.semua putih."
       "abah dah tua."

i miss my abah.

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