Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The luggage is still empty. My brain too.

I texted my housemate,

"Are you in Dublin on 24th?
"I'm going back on the 21st."

Great. I don't have to be alone. Then she continued,

"I'm going somewhere else, though. Don't worry our neighbors are nice. I'll be back on 28th."

Uhuks. T_T I'll be living alone for a few days but thanks to my housemate she already settled the electricity and stuff. Thank you so much.

After a few minutes,

"Got some problems,though." 

And she listed all the problems. Gulp.

"Inshaallah, I'll try to settle those problems."

After staring at my empty luggage with those unsettled things about our new house in my mind for 30 minutes, I texted en.wonderwall, ( I took 20 minutes to process  and 10 minutes thinking about how my life would be so much easier if I have a husband.puii!)

"how to fix the water heater?how to potong rumput? what if they got pacat? how to use central heating? and ,and, and the bulb in the kitchen?

He tried to be helpful by giving all the solutions to those things and finally,

"you can get it at any hardware shops. You know what, just call any technicians or plumbers."
"right? who needs a husband? we just need a technician and hardware shop."

I think I can handle that. Inshaallah. :s

But then, I got this,

" our house agent already bought us a top up card for central heating but I didn't use it yet because it wasn't that cold. You can try to use it if you want."

A top up card for central heating? Dublin, you really know how to make money, don't you? How to use it,anyway?

and I haven't started packing yet. macam biasa la.

p.s: rasa sedih lain macam. lagi sedih daripada tahun lepas. :(


Anonymous said...

mengada gila

NA said...

oyeke? sorry.