Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A sad face on a calendar.

i had this laundry lesson 101 with en.wonderwall the other day.

Chiffon, silk, batik and a few other materials >>> dry cleaning
other materials>>>> ikut suka hang.

One day, when i was buying rotiboy,

"you wanna know a funny story?"
"you are gonna tell it anyway."
"they should send this pandan cake for dry cleaning."

and i looked at two boxes of pandan cake near the counter.

"Chiffon Pandan Cake."

Laundry lesson 101 failed!


We also had Handbag Lesson 101.
A good handbag>>>pretty and practical.

"this is how we hold this handbag."
"because of the design."
"i can never understand women."
"i think i'm buying this one."
"no.it's not practical!"

All the salesgirl looked at us.duh! he was too involved. cannot la like this.aiyo.

Handbag Lesson 101 failed!

meanwhile in his office,


sad face on 23rd September. 

p.s: i'm flying off alone. transit di Dubai 7 jam. alone. T_T

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Anonymous said...

Hi.you tak reply pun email i pasal pelamin tu.nampaknya kena drop comment juga.permintaan ni.boleh tak u post balik gambar pelamin tu.tempah dekat mana ye?
Tahniah atas pertunangan u. Dah lama i baca blog u.suka cara u tulis.

Thank you.