Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cry, if you need to..

When something happened and you try not to be sad but you can't, it breaks you heart. It affects your emotion in many possible ways. I suddenly cried in the fitting room today for almost 1 hour. It is not that I hate the pants so much, I just need to cry, I guess. I rather cry in front of random people than the people I know. I came out from the fitting room and said to a salesgirl,

" I took this one. I love it so much, it hurts."  Sambil lap hingus.
"Gapo dio?"


Then, I went to a camera shop and once again I almost cried. That uncle just asked me to buy a new camera instead a new charger but i felt people being so mean to me.

"I just asked you nicely about the charger."
"Aiyo amoi, don't cry.don't cry. Ok, ok, you can go to other store.i'm so sorry we don't have it here."
"I'm not crying!!"

Poor that uncle.

My sad song:

My breaking heart and I agree

That you and I could never be

So with my best

My very best

I set you free


Anonymous said...

Hey,me again. I think i'm addicted to your blog all the post from 2010 until now in one go,girl! :)

NA said...

hey you,thank you!