Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Mim, you left me alone in Dublin. ok i sound so gay. you better bring back a few slices of your sister-in-law's yummy rainbow cake (that you keep mentioning about it on twitter) or not i will hunt you with a bottle of chili  sauce ( yes, her biggest fear is chili sauce). easy-peasy.

you know right, i'm moving out and it is far from your place. so, a few days  before we are going back to malaysia, you better be nice to me. cook your famous tom yam for me. wait, we had tomyam in Germany. so, i guess i want something else. steak is nice or may be yorkshire pudding .

one of the flower fields in Koblanz, Germany.

p.s: i have a date with a house agent. wish me luck!

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