Saturday, June 9, 2012

Germany. Day 1 and Day 2

CAUTION: this is a long entry with a lot of photos. if you are in a hurry, don't read.

day 1:

basically, Day 1 was all about oh-man-we-just-missed-our-flight day. we were supposed to fly to Munich but we're were late by 3 minutes. yes, 3 freaking minutes. oh well, at least we knew how big  the Dublin Airport is. 

"it's about time, Aisyah. you have to let go your ballerina shoes. Wear something that makes you look taller for this vacation, at least."

i bought a pair of 'something that makes me look taller'. -.-'  and guess what, i only wore them for 15 minutes. i changed to my 'ballerina shoes' (pump shoes)  at the airport and run to the gate because there were zombie behind us just to see our flight left us while we were still trying to catch our breaths.

"is that our flight? oh.they left us. did we just miss our flight?" -.-'

we landed in Frankfurt, instead.

 in Frankfurt Airport
we arrived there around 12 a.m. midnight.

since our hostel in Munich, we drove to Munich from Frankfurt. highway German memang tak ada lampu jalan ke macam mana? it was so dark and big lorries were everywhere on the road. 

 after 6 hours on the road, hello bed!

we started our journey to Bavaria at 11a.m

McD tengah-tengah ladang lembu.
we called it, McD ladang lembu.

along the journey..

our first destination was Neuschwanstein castle. it is located on a  hill above the village of Hohenschwangau  in Bavaria.

 the didn't lie when they say the palace is on top of the hill. 
"we should have worn sport attires." i heard this so many times. i swear to God. -.-'
 The palace was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria . This castle was the inspiration of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty's castle.

King Ludwig II was also known as Mad King Ludwig. he loved to build extravaganza castles ( the toilet bowls  in his castle were made up of gold! ) . however, he and his psychiatrist found dead in a lake. irony.

 the view from one of the windows inside the castle. no pictures were allowed in the castle though.

 another castle in the same village on a different hill. people usually walked from one castle to another castle while enjoying the view along the journey. but we took a bus because it was raining. ok, fine, i hate to walk in the wood. hello, there might be bears or something. they are cute as a teddy bear on your bed but not in the wood. it's Germany, where the Drakula comes from,no? 0.o

 we went up to the top of the hill  with a horse carriage.
another castle which i forgot its name.

 one of the lakes near to the castle. the water is so blue. Masyaallah.

while waiting for Arif and Nabilah went to 'explore' another castle, the rest of us decided to enjoy our coffees and the view. ( unlike Syamim and I, both of them were still energetic to climb another hill to view another castle)
"are we getting older,babe?"
"no, we are just sick of castles, i guess."
 bermalasan di tepi tasik sambil menghirup kopi. oh,God. i miss that feeling.
 we saw a beautiful flower field on the way back to Munich.
 and of course we stopped.

we kept blowing dandelions like small kids. -.-' 

 the shadows

at night,

 the color of this stadium changes every 10 or 15 minutes. this is the stadium for Bayern Munich FC .i'm not a football fan,though.

p.s: i'm moving out from my house after 2 years. so sad. i'm moving away from Grafton Street. T__T . oh well, i'm going back to my HOME tomorrow!

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