Monday, June 4, 2012

"dude, we missed our flight!"

the moment when we missed our flight to Munich,Germany 7 days ago.

"why am i the only one who look sad in this picture? dude, we missed our flight!"
"i'm a positive person. i will always smile no matter what."


"syamim, what are you doing?"
"you asked me to act like i'm sad. that's what i'm doing."
"you are going too deep,man."

nabilah looked happy, though.

finally, we went to Frankfurt instead of Munich. then, everyone looked happy with Frappucino while waiting to board..

i'm in Dublin now. Alhamdulilah. and now, time to pack everything. every single thing since i'm moving out and only God know how i hate packing. 

i'm moving out but i dun have a place or house  yet to move in and i'm going back to Malaysia in 6 days. should i be worried now?

p.s: all my friends are in London now including Syamim and Nabilah. i should be in London now. haih.

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